Now there is more and more shopping malls, on the shelves are increasingly a superb collection of beautiful digital photo frames. The mall building pattern is retrofit, comfortable, convenient, pleasing to the eye. The mall is not just about women's patent, the big man (I was one of them) have sprung up. Wandering in the shopping crowd, I felt the torrent coerced by goods, and be transported with joy. The beauty of shopping malls are as follows: to guide people's propensity to consume, to show a survival of the real purpose, providing a noisy and unrelated groups place... The characteristics of urban and rural city is flowing, the nature of the country is still. The flow of urban traffic, bathed in the lights, people, buildings, personal items as toys as fish. The rest of the country is a beautiful painting, people always in the center of the digital frames. Of course, people is not a tree, people do not want to stay in the picture, they would rather be the city light flooded.
The children of Adam is different from Adam. Since they were enticed by Eve who should shoulder the heavy responsibility. I do not know the men refused, what to call, the world will become what appearance, but declined the responsibility of men seem to be more and more, I feel perplexed. At first, Adam is a self-sufficient people, just like a bachelor, he was not responsible for women. I would rather be a single Adam, do not make irresponsible descendants of Adam. Maybe I was wrong? The woman ate Xian medicine into Hou Yi, flew to the moon to go, and Hou Yi has not seen her.
It is said that the goddess of the moon in the moon is very lonely, only all day cutting down trees in Wu Gang and a few rabbits accompany her, but she has no face goodbye Hou Yi the. Now many women is the goddess of the moon, just a taste for what man, but never want to pay, finally or celibacy down or get a divorce. Expecting that she won't be Chang.
Love when love happens, we are willing to spend every day. If one day we hate each other, Is it right? Love disappeared? Marriage is the only serious constraints, it not only makes love fixed down, and make love become a kind of habit, so as to prevent any undue breach of contract. The traditional? But who has the ability to completely abandon the traditional digital photo frame, abandon their loved ones? In addition to the beast.
Road to marry him almost every day in the street ride the bicycle for a long time, almost every day also can meet some proportionally to lovely woman. A friend said: you dare to say they miss you so beautiful? I drum courage several times, didn't dare to do. Worried about being blamed? Concerned passers-by laughed at? If you walk in the street to greet the acquaintance how good? Smile always on my mind. Whether alone or trouble worth mentioning, we all can smile. The core of the smile is dare to face the embarrassing situation of survival, dare to on their own insignificant said frankly. So, smile is actually a kind of wisdom. As a kind of wisdom, smile often is behaved for humor, we can always find humorous
corporate digital photo frame. Therefore, we can always smile. From the cradle to the grave smiling all the way down.

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