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They fought for Freedom... They fought for each other.

Vietnam, 1965. You are Dean Shepard, a "cherry" to the 'Nam with zero war experience other than stan 5d3b920ae0

Title: Men of Valor
Genre: Action
THQ Nordic
Release Date: 29 Nov, 2004


  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 32 or 64 bit
  • Processor: 1,5 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM


The best Nam game after Vietcong.. Originally an X-box game. IF anything can still be done to change it, make it game pad optional.. One of my fav.. Bland environments, bland shooting, bad sound effects, cringy dialogue, extreme difficulty spikes. MEH.. A solid shooter that had my attention, seeing it was developed by the team that made Medal of Honor Allied Assault, one of my favorite games and arguably the best medal of honor game. Vietnam games are not common, as the war itself was not popular among the public, but any game that attempts to depict that war get my attention. Seeing that every shooter made is eitehr WW2 or modern fictional, it would be nice for a setting not commonly seen. Production values, for a dated game, are not terrible. The water and fire effects were the most appealing, the downside being character models up close and the hilarious overly animated character during cutscenes. Not sure what happened there. Sound effects are solid and punch, with a decent musical score and decent implementation of vietnam era songs. However, the repeated battle chatter from enemy and friendlies got annoying. The gameplay plays like standard military shooter affair. Follow orders from unkillable NPC, kill enemies, blowup. No regenerating health in this game, and you can die easily, so leaning from cover and scavenging dead bodies for canteens are a must. On missions you have allies, but more often then not they are knocked out or running all over the map, making them useless. I don't recall a single ally killing an enemy. The enemies are accurate with fire, but they also have pathfinding and script issues. Enemy variety doesn't change, enemies just get ridiculously and wildly accurate near the end of the game. Infact, i enjoyed this game and its steep learning curve until the second half of the game. There are moments where gunfire from literally the treeline will kill you, ESPECIALLY IF YOU MOVE TO A CERTAIN AREA OF THE MISSION. This game is tough, but then it gets unfair. Enemies spawn all around you (Yes, sometimes even behind you), grenade indicator might as well be gone, and somehow enemies can spray you down from great distances. At some points, i would try flanking or moving to a better position, just have my health reduced by invisible enemies from treelines. Yeah, war is not fair, but this is a video game. And if you are punishing a player for being smart and trying to flank or move to advantageous position, then F*** your game. This is why i hate military shooters. They are boring, linear scripted movies that punishes the player for trying to creative or intelligent, instead forcing players into one play style and one way to complete the game.. A real classic if you ask me. Ive almost finished this entire game and it is fantastic. Combat is a little wonky and there are parts the require you to do them over and over and over again, and sometimes they put you at a part way before that difficult part but once you over come all that its a really fun game. Very detailed and engaging. Takes you through all parts of vietnam from the jungle to the city, U.S. military bases and vietcong villages this game is an oldie but a goldie. If i were to get this anytime i would look for it on sale and as of this review being written, the steam summer sale closing in fast, then would be a perfect time to get it.. Why should you buy a game that is twelve years old? It's very simple - this is the best, and I suppose only, realistic single-player FPS dealing with the Vietnam War. It does not try to be cartoonish about the war, nor does it delve into deep psychological aspects of the war, either. Don't expect a Spec Ops: The Line experience, but you're also not playing Rambo. Instead, expect intense firefights and a heavy dose of 'Nam atmosphere. Men of Valor is definitely an old-school shooter, either. Don't expect to magically heal up just by standing there - you'll need to collect health packs to magically heal up. Enemies tend to appear in the same places, which is actually a good thing - the game is punishing in difficulty, so you'll get to die and restart a lot. It's also not for sissies with little patience - checkpoints are few and far between and Men of Valor laughs at the idea of a quicksave. Get used to running part of the same level over.and over.and over again. That said, it's still a great game and one that deals with a little-explored subject matter. It's well worth a play if you like shooters, or if you have an interest in the Vietnam war (just make sure to dial down the difficulty if you aren't a shooter fan).. George Soros the Demon Worshiping Vampire Secretly Funded this Game For the Love of God Do Not By this Trash Unless You want to Be On Googles Good Side in That Case Go Ahead you Globalist Commie. great game, one of the best games i've played in years.. Awesome game, I first played this when I was in the Marines with 1/3 (on xbox), the unit in this game is 3/3. So, that added an extra fun aspect for me personally.

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