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Step into the cockpit of a giant robot in an interstellar civil war! Customize your mecha to duel against enemy pilots with "monosaber" plasma swords. Find glory, disgrace, and even love.

"Mecha Ace" is a thrilling interactive sci-fi novel by Paul Wang, where your choices control the story. The game is entirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Who will you be, pilot? Hero, villain, or renegade? Will you lead a unit of elite pilots to victory? Defeat your enemies with skill, cunning, determination, or heavy firepower? Fight for glory, for power, or for an enduring peace? b4d347fde0

Title: Mecha Ace
Genre: Indie, RPG
Choice of Games
Choice of Games
Release Date: 13 Jun, 2014


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if you leave yourself open to get yourself invested into it, this story can be one hell of a wild ride. 10/10 i'm going to play it again down different paths.. gt;Had to awkwardly friendzone some old queer mechanic guy
>Lost my entire squad
>Bashed some black kid because he said i was "boring"
>Got scoulded for not exploding civillians
>Hated by everyone in the rebellion because i never killed anyone
>Killed entire rebellion
>Sat in a bar wondering how I ♥♥♥♥ed everything up
>Died virgin
10/10. Well worth the price - mature, interesting story with depth.
First playthrough, I ruined everything trying to second-guess the choices. My second persona, Ronor Vane, survives as a formidable and greatly respected war hero who played by his own rules while never endangering others.
It was easy to get attached to some characters, or feel dread when others made an appearance. The heavier decisions will get your pulse up and have you doubting yourself.
If you like reading, it's great. Kept myself awake too long last night over-thinking my character's decisions and their implications on the war.. Quite liked this one, didn't wear out its welcome.

Hawkins is a true waifu.. All in all, a good game so far. there are some discrepancies between some of the choices and the resulting dialogue...

for example, I elect to power down in exhange for the safety of the fleet, but the next couple pages of dialogue talk about how I had 5000 anti-capital ship missiles fired at me and my Mech is in pieces as a result...

This makes no sense and screws with the flow of the game/book. Really short game with some bugs.
Like you stopped the death start! you're so cool.
Next page you didn't stop the death star! Should you surrender or fight to the death?
It's odd like that.
The decision are really simple and or not decision. do you want close up or range attack lets see my range is 5(the Best) and meale is 2(bad) sooooo close up it is! oh no i'am dead. How did i not see this coming!
weaker story, ending is well it kinda just ends, no resolution.
writing is average
Alt tab for the night so it really took me like a 1.30 hrs
sadly no desire to replay.. Decent interactive story with some (as far as I can tell) impactful choices.
Sadly, it must be coded like\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665because the save system broke halfway through and about 3\/4 through I encountered a plotstopper and couldn't continue - which is all the more annoying since I wanted to get to the end of the story.. This is by far one of the best Choice of Games titles I've come across. The story was gripping and it felt like every choice seriously mattered. My only regret was having waited so long to play through it. I seriously hope that there is a follow-up to this. An easy 10/10.. Another incredible game from COG. An engrossing read from start to finish.

Highly Recommended.. After my first playthrough I find it hard to play this game again and play more, still recommend it though

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