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Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action rogue-lite with RPG elements. You explore randomly generated levels based in H.P. Lovecraft stories, fighting cultists and all kin 5d3b920ae0

Title: Lovecraft's Untold Stories
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
LLC Blini Games
LLC Blini Games
Release Date: 31 Jan, 2019


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I was in the mood for some Lovecraft gaming and TBH there aren't that many games that really scratch that itch. So I went down the rabbit hole looking for lore inspired games. I found this one and realized it was a rogue like with secrets and challenges galore. Much like Enter The Gungeon this one will start you over, but not back to the start of the game just back to your level. There are plenty of pickups that can help you not restart the whole level though. So be thorough and keep an eye out for secrets. I played on Normal and that was much more forgiving but if you are looking for a supreme challenge. Set it to hard. Personally I found Normal to be enjoyable enough but if you want an unapologetic play then maybe crank it up. I really enjoyed the lore in this game. If you have read any of the stories from Lovecraft the game presents you with artifacts and then gives you options to choose what you do with them. Which is a nice mechanic. It could have a positive or negative outcome for which option you chose. Rewarding you either way but sometimes more if you choose wisely. I enjoy the lore in this game and the pixel creatures from the Lovecraft Mythos. It's great to jump into any one of his stories. As you play you even pick up a few characters that have different weapons and make multiple replays even better. The controls can be a little hard to pick up at first but they give you the option to use your M & KB, Just your KB and/or you can plug in a controller if you like. Took me a little figuring out which was best for me as you are gonna want to NOT miss the creatures that are flung at you. It could be a matter of restarting the level or not. At first glance you might think this game doesn't have much to it. You would be wrong. As was I. The game really opens it'self up to you as you explore the unforgiving rooms. They have multiple characters for you to use and only unlock once you have found them to give you a lot of replay value. Plus if you are like me and just want to be in the Lovecraft world to experience or remind you of the lore. You will be happy. Plus you will find a challenging fun game that really does the old pixel art well. I'm still playing this but I just wanted to let people know what I thought and that I am happy with my purchase. It's got heart. It's got Lovecraft.. I approve this game.. Just finished the first Story with the Detective character- great little roguelike with a ton of replay potential. I love how it weaves in little bits from each story without being hamfisted about it. The art and music are all evocative of the deep dread that should be present in any Mythos-inspired game. Difficulty is still pretty rough even on Easy mode, which makes it so you're never going to just blindly faceroll through all the fights / levels without giving them the attention they need for specific circumstances.. A huge, sprawling lovecraftian masterpiece.. This is for the players: The first level was really cool to play through, there's some lore and a lot of action. But so far in the devellopment of the game, i can't say more. It looks really promising. This is for the devs /! Hello, here are my thoughts and the few things i've found on the game in random order. - Destroying a chest shouldn't be a thing, especially when you fight the herds of zombies on the level 3. - The level 1 was hard, especially with those guys on the turrets, but after that, the difficulty decrease drasticly. - On the level 1, there was a lot of altars and weird monument to inspect and with a lot of lore, during the level 2 to 5 i found only one to inspect and no lore at all, i get it's in early access, it just felt weird so i had to say it. - Ennemies get stuck easily into nothing, sometimes they don't even move at all, especially in level 4. - In level 4, some ennemies sprites made them look like they were alive but actually dead. - Some wall textures in the level 4 were the same as the floor tricking me into thinking i could escape there but in fact, no, i couldn't. - The music in the level 3 and 4 (can't remember for the other levels) were just an ambient loop, there was no transition into itself, it was really annoying. - Shooting the librarian vendor (Lovecraft ?) does nothing, shooting the hooded vendor make him disappear (?). - I randomly dropped a Winchester during level 1, no other weapons were to be seen after that (a lot of equipment and health pack, tho). - On two occasions on level 4, i got nothing from a gold chest, that was really frustrating. - I've seen only 1 Blood chest (on level 1) during my playthrough. I couldn't open it, i had no key. - On level 1 you collect 2 keys to access to the boss, on the other levels you just run through everything. - On level 3, the fat zombies (the grey one) looks way to much like Homer Simpson, i can't unsee that. Please change his sprite :p - No Bone doors were to be found, i have a whole skeleton in my storage. - The strange place feels really empty and needs a vendor. - I wish for a mouse/keyboard control, and an option to change the controls. Overall, if all the levels are like the level 1, you've got there a great game.. Going to have to downvote this one, but it pains me to do so. The game shows great promise. I think the atmosphere is great, the music/sounds are good, and I think the procedural generation lends itself well to the Lovecraftian madness concept. That being said, rogue-like or not, the game is just too damned hard. 99% of the rooms don't present much of a challenge, while there's that one room on the FIRST (!) floor (the Lab?) that is impossible to get through. After 2 hours of play time, my deaths have ALL been in the same exact room, with a ridiculous amount of enemies that move FAST. There's just not enough gear, armor, or whatever really to help you get through that one. The Detective's health or ability to shrug off hits is near inexistent, and I was only able to find a gun upgrade and 1 piece of armor once. The TNT/grenades/molotov are more likely to kill you then anything else, so whatever. Also, while I understand the idea of saves at the end of the level, I also think it's a bit too punishing for non-hardcore folks. It's really just more frustrating than anything else at this point, so I'm going to move on for now. I do believe the Lab issue has been raised in the forums, and is going to be addressed, so if some sort of "balance" pass is done to smooth out the ride, I'll gladly come back. Don't get me wrong, I really think this game has something really good going on, but there's hard and there's too hard. Of course, it's all subjective, so your mileage may vary. I'm happily keeping this one in the library, and am happy to help out the developper, just hoping I can come back and not insta-die 5 minutes into the first level.

New patch available (Version 1.196). : Dear investigators, We have uploaded the new version 1.196. This time we bring the final balance to the Thief, visual improvements, new music (Yes!! New amazing tracks!!), as well as lots of "behind the scene" fixes and improvements.. The official Lovecraft's Untold Stories FAQ is live : Dear investigators! We have released the oficial FAQ. In it, we have included many questions that we have received in this forum, during our Early Access, and also added some of our own. Take a look at it, and if you dont find your doubt answered there, share it with us. Our plan is to update it frequently to offering the most up to date guide for players and people interested in our game. Right now it is just in English, but we will add more languages very soon.. New patch available (Version 0.90) : Dear investigators, today we reach a very important milestone for us, the version 0.90, which is the first "Content complete" version. The release date is very close and we just need to work on the last bugs and balance to reach the 1.0! Read the patch notes and prepare yourself for the new content! NEW CONTENT: Shub Niggurath's encounter: This encounter completes the storyline of the Witch. Face this terrible creature or die trying! Thief's quest line: We have completed all the minievents, encounters and locations of the Thief storyline. Nyarlathotep's encounter: This encounter completes the storyline of the Thief. The Black Pharaoh brings death and madness on his way! Will you survive? Unlock the Ghoul: Now you can unlock our new playable character (Ghoul) in one of the locations of the Thief. Introducing to the Ghoul: Our last playable character, and the most twisted of all. He is a strong melee character and tank with increible skills: - Melee attack: The Ghoul attacks with his inhuman claws at close range. - Savage attack: Using both claws, the Ghoul performs leap followed by several quick attacks that, not only will do a lot of damage, but also will provoque a bleeding effect to the enemies. - Regeneration: The ghoul can quickly close the wounds and regenerate his health. - Dodge: Use the somersault to avoid traps and obstacles. - Canibalism: The ghoul cannot use medkits, as he is much closer to the beast and his body has suffered already plenty of alterations, but he may find something "tasty" on his way. Ghoul's quest line: We have included all the minievents, encounters and locations of the Ghoul storyline. This is the first time that we include this, so it may need some updates or tweaks in a new patch before the full release. Your comments will be more than welcome! Azathoth's encounter: This encounter completes the storyline of the Ghoul. Ending scenes: We have included the final ending scenes for each story line. This patch is one step away of the 1.0 version. It is our first "Content complete" version, and you will see the end of Lovecraft's Untold Stories. Now only remains to fix some old bugs, as well as the new ones that may appear in this version, and improve the balance to its perfection.. New patch available (Version 0.85) : Dear investigators, the version 0.85 comes with a lot of new content, and starts showing the light at the end of the tunnel. We are very close to finishing the development of this game and fully release it. IMPORTANT NOTE: We have implemented the new saving and synchronization system on Steam Cloud. Because of that, weve been forced to delete all the previous saved games. Upon the official release of the game, we will wipe the saves as well. Sorry for the inconveniences. For now, please enjoy what we bring you in this update, and as always, your comments are more than welcomed. Here we go! NEW CONTENT: Witch's quest line: We have completed all the minievents, encounters and locations of the Witch storyline. Remains only the final encounter agains the Great Old One, and the items that give you the Info necessary to face it. They will be included in the 0.90. Witch's exclusive items: We have included in the shops and in the chests items exclusive for the Witch. Find them and feel the power! Unlock the thief: Now you can unlock our new playable character (Thief) in one of the locations of the Witch. Find her before it is too late! Introducing to the thief: First hands-on of the Thief. Start getting the feel of our first melee character, while we prepare the locations and the storyline: - Melee attack: The thief has a really sharp dagger for close range attack. - Range attack: The thief is a master of the blades. Find or buy throwing knives and you will be able to kill enemies at distance. There are several types of throwing knives: Regular, poisoned & explosive. - Dodge: Use the somersault to avoid traps and obstacles. - Stealth: The Thief's main skill. Activate it to become virtually invisible. The enemies wont see you and you will have a boost on the damage. Careful though, because it has a limited time, and you may be seen in the worst situation. Calculate your time, hit & run, and you will survive. GENERAL UPGRADES: Map of the level: The map of the level now shows in different colors, the rooms that you have visited, and those that you havent. If you use now the Eye of Azathoth to reveal the whole map of the location, you wont find yourself lost between so many new rooms, not knowing, which one you visited, and which one didnt. Also, we have included many quest icons "!" for minievents that didnt have it. Level of difficulty: When you start a New game, now you can choose a difficulty level between Easy, Normal & Difficult. To those asking, the level of difficulty that you were playing in the previous versions was Difficult. New level selection screen: Now you will be able to "revisit" locations that you completed previously thanks to our new level selection screen. Start a New Story, select the character that you played with before, and the new screen will popup, with a list of the locations for this character. Those in white, can be visited again. New visual effects: Now, the debuffs and conditions have a visual effect over the characters and enemies. New traumas and conditions: The character can now suffer special traumas. You will need Essential salts to cure them. Great Old Ones info system: We have finally implemented the Info system for the Great Old Ones. Now it wont be possible to face a Great Old One without having 100% of info about it. If you access its location, you will lose all your sanity automatically. These powerful beings shouldnt be faced if you are not trully prepared! Final soundtrack: We have added new more tracks to the locations, as well as variations of the previous ones, to increase the variety of the in-game music. This patch brings a lot of new stuff, so please share with us your thoughts and comments.. New patch available (Version 0.70) : Dear investigators, the version 0.70 is available for you to download, with lots of upgrades and innovations.

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