This is a really, really interesting exercise marks - and I don't know if it is a good idea. Frederic Piguet is (I mean, was) manufacturer of the Swatch Group high-end movement. Kind of like a version plue ETA. Most of the end of the Swatch Group brands used the movements of Frederic Piguet (range brands include Breguet, Jaquet Droz, Blancpain etc....). It is not to say that Fr?d?ric Piguet made all the movements of these marks, but many of them. Problem was that all aficionados of monitoring more hardcore knew what was still Frederic Piguet. Therefore tell people that their new luxury watches one of these movements had in it required first explain what Frederic Piguet was first place. Also, I am sure that there were some redundancy society, etc... That Swatch sought to clean up.So Swatch Group has taken the big decision to have copy Watch Blancpain resume Frederic Piguet make all movements. Of a plant and a logistics point of view I don't know what will actually change. I understand that Blancpain 'take the existing structures of manufacturing." From a branding perspective, Blancpain will now be pushed forward as a manufacturer of watches and a more serious watch movement manufacturer. Since the economy turned bad, brand of watches groups have been carefully looking at each of its brands for what purpose each of them has. Is a bit like what GM did when he deleted a bunch of its brands redundant, unnecessary (I'm looking right at you Oldsmobile and Pontiac) in the current market. Swatch Group announced the move as a "consolidation". This would explain the desire to eliminate redundancy, but at the same time you would usually see a maker of movement by a brand of watches. If the Ulysse Nardin Watches decision to have Blancpain look like the author of the big daddy movement (probably) was highly strategic. Swatch seeks to each of its brands are very important. While Blancpain has done a good job of making nice watches, in recent years, the brand has lost a little of his zest. This moves is an attempt to make it exciting again. In addition, Blancpain can now if say as a roughly manufacturer movement fully vertically integrated - something which the Swatch Group is not really in comparison to competitor group Richemont. The new entity will be known as the "manufacture Blancpain," and (as I understand it) make movements for the Blancpain brand, but also of the other range of Swatch Group brands. I am curious to see how will occur the next years for this new entity and the effect it will have on the image of the public of Replica Vacheron Constantin Royal Eagle the brand of Watches Blancpain. Tags: blancpain, frederic piguet manufacture, movement, swatch group

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