Easier moving process
Garage sales are all about selling items, and moving is all about moving items. Paired together. The moving process becomes a whole lot easier when items that need to be moved are sold, and do not need to be packed up and moved.

Smaller moving truck
Larger moves require larger resources, but having a garage sale prior to your move can help you to avoid having to rent a larger moving truck. Since you can sell a lot of your items during a garage sale, you will have more room to pack up a smaller truck, saving you both time and money.

Less to pack and prepare
One of the rooms that takes the longest to pack in a home is the kitchen. In part, due to an abundance of dishes and other miscellaneous kitchen items. While some kitchenware sees regular usage, some items are rarely used, taking up valuable space. When moving time rolls around, whether you have used all of your kitchen items or not, they still have to be packed in a time consuming process, making it seem like you have even more to pack.

Hosting a garage sale can help you to have less items to pack. In fact, a garage sale will benefit you by allowing you to sell off stacks of old dishes, old cups and mugs, bowls and other old appliances, helping you to have fewer items to pack.

So before you start packing for your big move, consider sorting through your belongings to see which items you would like to sell in a garage sale. You will be amazed at how many items you no longer use, and wonder why you didn’t have a garage sale sooner.

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