Knight Bewitched Torrent Download [full Version]

Knight Bewitched Torrent Download [full Version]

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About This Game

After slaying the dragon Typhus the Younger, fearless knight Ruth and her companions are tasked with hunting the witch Gwendolyn. In an unfortunate turn of events, Ruth collapses from illness and is nursed back to health by no other than the witch she was tasked to kill. Unable to slay the woman who saved her life, Ruth is jailed on suspicion of bewitchment and later saved by her comrades.

As a new threat looms over the horizon, Ruth and Gwen, together with young orphaned companion Stray and mysterious rogue Uno, rise to the occasion. As they journey, a flame slowly ignites between the hearts of Ruth and Gwen.

But is this true love, or is Ruth truly bewitched?


-A story-driven adventure
-Four difficulty modes: Play on Casual for a story-focused experience or Heroic for RPG veterans
-SNES-style graphics
-Gameplay reminiscent of classic RPGs
-Steam Achievements a09c17d780

Title: Knight Bewitched
Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG
Joshua Keith
Joshua Keith
Release Date: 18 Apr, 2018


I bought this game on a whim because a friend said it was cute. Now it owns my soul and I am glued to it. The story is adorable, the gameplay is enjoyable, and the pacing is decent.

-Affordable, reasonable price for what you get
-No glitches yet from what I've encountered
-fun story
-lovable characters
-puzzles (reminiscent of Golden Sun)

-puzzles (if you hate puzzles, you will hate the puzzles in this game)
-lack of a tutorial (it took me a while to realize defending restored MP)

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