Key Ingredients To Include In Your First Poem

Writers --- write, painters --- paint, poets --- poem!

Poetry writing is a great emotional outlet, even when you can’t fathom your feelings.

There are several elements that are important for writing a poetry, but the thing with poetry is that just because something worked for one poem doesn’t mean that it will apply to another too.

The good thing about poetry is the creative freedom that comes with it. There’s so much that you can do with it, there are so many types and forms of poetry to choose from.

Aspiring poets often get intimidated and are scared to find the type of poetry that works best for them.

Make your message clear

The message is the most significant part of your poem: what are you trying to communicate?

It should be clear so the reader can easily understand what you’re trying to get across.



Whose perspective you’re writing from whether it is in first, second, or third person?


The point of view changes the whole game. Switching from one person’s perspective to another can make it sound completely different and change the impact.

Rhythm according to your theme

No matter what topic you are choosing for your poem, it should have a theme. Choose your words according to the theme of your poem. You cannot write about war in sing-song nursery poem.

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