Weddings are very hard to arrange and manage especially for the bride and groom so a bridal party is assigned for the ceremony that help the bride and groom in making all the arrangements for the wedding and selecting everything and managing all the work that needs to be done before and during the wedding. The bride, especially needs someone to keep her calm during all the work and tension and for that she asks her closest friends and sisters or relatives to be her bridesmaids and this is considered an honor by the bridesmaids and a favor by the bride because while it makes the girls feel very special to be chosen as bridesmaid it is quite a tough job to deal with all the moods of the bride on top of taking care of everything. So, the bride arranges some bridesmaid proposal (boxes) for asking the closest girls to her to become her bridesmaids.

What to put in the bridesmaid’s proposal boxes?

The bridesmaid’s proposal boxes need to contain some very expensive and cute things because it is basically a thank you for dealing with everything regarding the wedding. Some of the items included in a bridesmaid’s proposal box are as follows:

Scented candles:                                   

It is no mystery how much girls love scented candles, so to gift them with a bunch of scented candles in their proposal box is a very good idea. It is also a very good way for the bridesmaid to remember the bride.

Champagne flutes:

Personalized champagne flutes are a very popular idea among girls to add in the proposal box because they are too beautiful to be disliked.


All girls love chocolates and adding a box of their favorite chocolates is a very good way to win over the bridesmaid’s heart.

Contact Information sheet:

This sheet basically contains all the information of the other bridesmaids if they do not know each other already so that they can easily get in touch with each other and do not have to disturb whenever they need to contact the other bridesmaids.


Jewelry is an item that is liked by every girl and to gift them with small and cute pieces of jewelry is a very good way to say thank you and make them remember you even after you are married and do not meet that much anymore.

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