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Stop! You haven't captured the train yet? Didn't build a base and haven't mastered the planet? I won't jump from a springboard to take the flag! I'll be waiting for you!

Title: Impulse of War
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Racing, Simulation, Early Access
Dmitry Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev
Release Da


  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 - 32/64 bits
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or equivalent AMD family
  • Memory:


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Pretty fun not really any bugs so far but its pay to play so 6/10. Well, the online dont work. I love the game beautiful graphics and simple maps that make the game very fun. I also love the rate at which you earn money it doesnu2019t feel like a grind. Which is a problem in many games these days. The last thing that really popped out to me in the game is the base. I really like the base and bots sometimes come to attack you. Next i would like to say that I found out recently from reading another review that there is only one developer working on this game.Congrats you have made an awesome game!! Now i would like to say what I think should be improved in the game First I would like to add more vehicles. Ability to expand and build in you base more (maybe customize the Terrain to an extent to have a cool base and have more buildings to unlock more vehicles) Add clans and clan bases Friend Window (i like to chat with friends and make new ones) What I found to be a deterrent to play the game was the physics of the game on the capture the flag map when you get launched fromt the ramp the landing made you slide right into the bottom of the cliff. I found one bug on the capture the flag map I forget what happen but I couldnu2019t fire for the rest of the game. Driving was fine though. Also is there a English Bug Report Page (sorry wish i knew russian). In the end great job I am loving the game and continue developing the game this game has a big future ahead of it Dmitry Medvedev. Edit: the bug on the capture the flag map is with the ramps. I lose the ablitily to shot when i hit the left pillar in the air.. (This is a pre-access title, so my opinion on the game may change as time goes on) THE GOOD STUFF 1. Two Vehicle Classes: You've got the lightly armored, highly agile buggy. And you've got the heavily armored, lumbering tank. So simple varity. 2. The Gameplay: So far, I've only seen Capture the Flag. But I assume there will be more in the future. The gameplay's pretty solid for a game that's 2 days old. 3. Wait times don't take longer than. A half a minute. So not too long. 4. The base generates currency even while you're offline. You literally never have to play after the tutorial. Just leave your base, come back, and collect the currency every day. And you can have a tricked out ride in about a week! Or you could play the game and get it in about. No time flat. 5. It's Russian. And I only put this reason so I don't go to Gulag. THE BAD STUFF 1. Early access: Bound to be glitches. None encountered but don't hold your breath. 2. Special Ability takes too long to regen. For the Buggy, it's a booster that literally just thrusts you up for about 8 seconds. And then it takes 8 YEARS to regen. 3. In game payment. Don't think this is a downside? They said that in World of Warships, until the Tirpitz came out. No, don't try and argue the point, it's a downside. 4. The sounds need a little work. They aren't terrible, but they aren't great either. The engine sounds like it's mumbling, even at full speed, and there's a lack of inertia when you go up a ramp, because the sound is so mediorcre. 5. Some of the effects seem a little unrealistic. Like I imagined when I slammed into a rock that I'd be crush. Nope, I ricocheted off of it and bounced about for a moment like a ball. However, despite everything I've said, I recommend supporting this game. It's free, it's actually decent, and it's only a few days old. Plus you get a bonus 1500 GC, (Premium Currency), for just downloading the game. You have to go through the tutorial, of course. But it's still worth it. I think this game can me something really special. Just add some more content, improve on some vehicle and landscape characteristics, and you've got a starter game bound to turn heads.. Alright, alot of people seem to be saying this game is pay to play, which is in no way true. In fact, the ONLY things you have the OPTION of paying money for are premium(which doubles XP and money gain, which is common free game fare, and by no means required) and aesthetic items, currently colors and trails. Even without premium, it doesnt take all that long to get the money for things, a few matches, which if you do well, and the game lasts long enough(It's based off the points you get in a match) gives 1015k of the in game currency each, and that's without premium, which is plenty. Now, if you're not doing well enough, it can feel a bit like you're not making much, but. that's true regardless of if you paid for premium or not. not to mention you can log off for a while and come back to an idle game style money generator, which generates money even while offline till it hits 15k, at which point it stops until you collect it. It's an interesting concept you should try, the game's graphics are really good for a free, early access game, the controls are customizeable and handles rather smoothly. I'm honestly astounded that one person managed this much for an alpha release. Only downsides would be bugs, a wierd "matchmaking" system, the low player count(Though that may be an illusion caused by the matchmaking being wierd) Overall, it's a free game I recommend to anyone who wants to be part of an early access game that has a good bit of potential in my opinion.

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