Thinking about taking a plunge into ice cream parlor business? The first thing you’ll need to consider is the cabinet, because that is what literally makes or breaks your ice cream. The latest rejuvenated Nelson ice cream dipping cabinet has updated insulating properties as well as innovative temperature regulating knobs that are digital. First up, this awesome thermostat permits you to set the temperature as per requirement of the ice cream being served for instance sorbet, gelato, frozen yoghurt etc. This might not seem like an important upgrade to laymen but those who work in the industry know the value of the thermostat. Secondly, the insulation is another golden factor. More insulation means lesser running costs as well as electricity input. While it may not be a huge feature, it at least lets you reduce the investment and hope for a bigger output. Other than that, this cabinet can retain a whopping 163 gallons of cans, has a stainless steel internal, enamel based exterior, a sneeze guard, a lifting cover lid as well as ample lighting.

There are more than a few ice cream dipping cabinet designs that you can choose from e.g. there are those from 4 up to 16 facings. The cover lids are virtually shatterproof, and the racking can be added or reduced as per your demands. A regular 3 gallon cardboard tub can fit in the racking system; nevertheless, if there is need for more, then a side rail can be bought in addition.

More features of theice cream dipping cabinet:

  1. A stainless steel internal make which isn’t white painted. This is done so that the user doesn’t keep off scratching the paint into the ice cream! Furthermore, it’ll look fantastic and remain cleaner than painted tops.
  2. The cabinets have a stainless steel rim at the freezer opening which won’t need replacement like the rubber rims other freezers have every 2 years or so. This special rim will work fine as long as the cabinet itself, so you’re in good hands for more than a decade at least.
  3. The cabinet thermostat display is red in color, so it’s easily readable as well as set. This makes it easier to note if the temperature goes up unexpectedly or there’s an electricity fluctuation.
  4. There’s a clog free condenser coil which means that it’ll operate for long before it needs to be washed and refreshed.

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