In this article, I'll cover Aluminum Tape many other ways this handy product can be used.

A foil paper can either be an aluminum foil or decorative foil.

A decorative foil can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as glass, wood, plastic vinyl, plastic ceramics, paper, leather, fabrics, sweater knits, and double sided tape among others.

It comes in a wide variety of colors such as red, green, golden, blue, silver, purple, multicolored, glittering, lined, holographic patterns and textured patterns.

It can be used for decorating a wide variety of items such as photo frames, flower pots, to create borders on drawings, create letterings and envelopes among others.

Some of the available brands include Mattie Stencils, Mandala Templates, Spirelli and Iris Folding among others.

If you discover that your brown sugar has hardened into the consistency of a brick, you can use foil to bring it back to life. Wrap the brown sugar in foil and pop into the oven.

Set to 300 degrees for 5 minutes and it will return to its useful form. To keep from having to do this in the future, keep the sugar wrapped by the foil and put the whole thing into a zip-lock bag.

You could buy some of those Foil Tape furniture glides you've seen advertised on TV, but why waste your money.

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