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Long eyelashes are a classic feminine trait and many women have gone to great lengths for longer eyelashes. Long eyelashes are a classic feminine trait and many women have gone to great lengths (pun intended) for longer eyelashes. Unfortunately.


According to Los Angeles–based dermatologist Harold Lancer, M.D., there are a number of ways to enhance your set safely and out of the comfort of your own home, from easy dietary tweaks to eyelash growth serums.


Just like your skin and nails, your eyelashes are directly affected by what you eat. Besides bettering your overall health, a diet rich in protein may help grow your lashes, as well as foods containing biotin (eggs), niacin (mushrooms), vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium. Another option? A mascara detox. Lancer urges patients to take a two-day “lash vacation” each week. “For 48 hours, avoid liner and mascara,” he says. The break from eye makeup will help strengthen and revive your eyelashes.


One tried-and-true method is applying castor oil. Thanks to its high concentration of ricinoleic acid and vitamin E, as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 fats, lubricant has long been thought to aid in hair and eyelash growth. Olive oil, emu oil and coconut oil are also commonly cited as good DIY methods for how to get longer lashes. To apply any of these options, soak a Q-tip in the oil and carefully apply it to your lash line and leave it for at least fifteen minutes if not overnight. At the very least you’ll wake up feeling deeply hydrated. “The more hydrated the area, the less likely the hairs are to split and fracture,” says LUCI


In addition to these natural methods, you can layer on eyelash growth serum. Safe and effective, there are a slew of easy-to-apply conditioners that are packed with peptides and fatty acids to restore and enhance growth by stimulating the lash bulb, explains Lancer. Here, some of the best eyelash growth serums. 768w, 800w" alt="" width="599" height="400" />

Generic Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% is the first and best prescription treatment approved by the FDA for inadequate or sparse eyelashes, which can help people’s lashes grow longer, fuller and darker with Generic Generic Latisse. Our Generic Generic Latisse is authentic and genuine which is a prostagaglandin analogm, indicated to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashed by increasing their growth including length, thickness and darkness.After the 16-week treatment period, a 4-week post-treatment period followed during which the effects of bimatoprost started to return toward baseline. The effect on eyelash growth is expected to abate following longer term discontinuation.


In the modern time, there are many causes for thinning eyelashes, such as aging, poor makeup habits, product overuse, medical issues, etc. How can we get them back and reconditioned? Generic Generic Latisse promotes long and thick eyelash growth while simultaneously conditioning them to allow for healthy new lashes. Generic Latisse will help you find your eyelash beauty again.


3ml = 5 weeks of Generic Latisse


During our research, people who use Generic Latisse will has 25% increase in lash length,106% increase in lash thickness/fullness, 18% increase in lash darkness. 3ml = 5 weeks of Generic Latisse,to reach your full lash potential, 16 weeks of Generic Generic Latisse is needed. After 16 weeks, one enters the “maintenance” phase. Continual use of Generic Generic Latisse is required to maintain longer, fuller, darker lashes. There is no side effect to human body.


If you’d like to have naturally longer, fuller lashes, there are many things that you can try. Many of these methods are not backed by science, but they are highly recommended by numerous alternative health practitioners and fans of DIY beauty. The people who have tried these methods claim that they show results within one month.



Eat foods that promote healthy hair growth. The following foods have been proven to assist with growing healthy hair:[1]

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which promote the growth of full, shiny hair.

Greek yogurt contains vitamin B5, which promotes blood flow and helps keep hair thick.

Spinach contains vitamin A, iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C, which combine to give you strong, well-moisturized hair.

Guava contains vitamin C, which prevents breakage.

Meats, iron-fortified cereals, and leafy greens will give you the iron you need to keep your hair growing.

Lean poultry and other sources of lean protein promote hair growth. When you’re not getting enough protein, your hair stops growing.

Cinnamon helps with your circulation, which brings oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles.


Generic Generic Latisse is one of 7 Best Lash Serums for 2017-2018.

There is no denying that Generic Latisse is one the best and most popular lash serums on the market today. This FDA-approved eyelash serum is formulated with bimatoprost, an active ingredient which Allergan originally used for treating glaucoma patients. Eventually, it was found to increase eyelash growth and thickness, so Allergan obtained FDA approval for this purpose and marketed it under the name Generic Latisse. 768w, 1040w" alt="" width="693" height="400" />

Clinically tested and customer-verified, this high-performance serum promises to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes within just a few weeks of regular and correct application. However, while it’s generally considered safe for most users, the product is strictly meant to be used under a doctor care. Some medical conditions may interact with bimatoprost and other ingredients found in Generic Latisse, so it’s best to speak with your healthcare provider before using this product.


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