How to fix a Toshiba laptop’s keyboard that has stopped working suddenly.

This article is all about how to fix a Toshiba laptop’s keyboard that has stopped working suddenly. There can be two type of situations happening there- either some of the keys on your keyboard would not be working or none of the keys would be working. This issue can occur in both a laptop and desktop and it is not a very common issue like the ones of laptop overheating or booting issue. But there are troubleshooting ways to fix this issue. Continue reading to get to know about how to fix this issue at home without having to make a trip to the repair shop and waste money. If the issue is not fixed even after trying everything and you also want to save time, then you can contact Toshiba support to get support services delivered right at your home or office by just a single call at marginal prices.

If some of the keys on your keyboard are not functioning then it is suggested to check for crumbs getting accidently stuck in the keys of your keyboard. The easiest way to clean up your keyboard is to just give it a little shake after picking it up in the air and tilting it to some degrees. You can also give your keyboard a quick cleaning by using a keyboard vacuum. Cleaning the keyboard using a cloth soaked with few drops of cleaning liquid is also another solution. If some section of your keyboard got damaged due to liquid spilling then you have to get that keyboard section replaced. You can get in touch with the Toshiba support team for this matter and get your work done smoothly without any hassle.

If nothing has gotten inside the keyboard and you can’t find out the reason for keyboard not working then, reboot your laptop or pc. For rebooting, if you are not able to use mouse or key then you can also get it done by pressing your system’s power button for few seconds. In case you are new to technical terms and don’t want to waste your time trying out new things, then you can get assistance from the experienced experts of Toshiba tech support team.

If none of the above mentioned step is working then try this one. Switch off your laptop, then take it’s battery out. Wait for some time. Put the battery again. Reboot the laptop. This procedure resolves many regular technical errors we face in daily life. If it doesn’t help in resolving the issue, then for assistance.

Many times keyboard issues could be due to inappropriate drivers. For fixing this, you have to install latest drivers for your keyboard from your laptop manufacturer’s download page. This could also be happening due to presence of virus in your system, so it is advised to run a virus scan and after that making the system free from malware. Other possible reason can be keyboard connections getting loose. For fixing that you can try to reassemble the connections of your keyboard or otherwise take suggestions on how to do it from the experts of Toshiba tech support anytime anywhere.

Call Toshiba customer support on toll-free number +1(888)784-9316.

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