How to fix a black screen on Toshiba LAPTOP?

In case your Toshiba laptop gets blank and displays a black screen then there could be something wrong with it. Many customers report cases when their Toshiba laptop shows a black or blank screen after updating their OS but before they have signed in to Windows 10. Sometimes there is black screen issues after signing in to Windows 10 and this issue could also arise while a set up or during updating a driver or system. In some cases, there is also a spinning disk of dots on the black screen. If you face such issues then you can contact Toshiba support for assistance whenever required through their toll-free helpline number +1(888)784-9316. Toshiba Customer service support has an experienced and dedicated team of technicians who are always available for helping their customers at any time of the hour.

Toshiba customers get assistance for all technical issues related to either software or hardware just at the drop of a hat without delay through their online and on-site support services. If you encounter black screen on your Toshiba laptop, then you should enter a windows key sequence to try to wake up the screen. Press the windows logo key+ Ctrl+ shift+ B. If this works, you will hear a short beep sound and the screen will dim or blink. In case you are facing the black screen issue before signing in to Windows, then check the connections between the pc and the display.

If nothing helps you in getting rid of the issues that you are facing, then contact the support team of Toshiba Laptops support for rapid help. If this issue has taken place after you have signed in to your Windows then try to remove any third party anti-virus software if present as some third party antiviruses are known to cause black screens. While the anti-virus will be gone your system will be protected by the Windows Defender Antivirus that automatically kicks in in the absence of any other anti-virus. If this doesn’t help in resolving the issue, then boot your pc. Clean boot will start the Windows with minimum set of startup programs and drivers which helps in easy determination of the cause of the issue. If this issue is not solved by any of the above mentioned points, then contact Toshiba Technical support for help.

Call Toshiba on their toll-free number and you can get assistance over the phone, email or chat and even on-site support for any technical issue. In case, you are facing the problem of black screen after signing in to Windows then you can try to resolve the issue by reinstalling your graphics card driver. If the black screen also shows spinning dots, then unplug unnecessary USB equipment.

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