Cordless drills are a standard item in the instrument number of both the common week-end warrior or skilled tradesman, alike. Cordless exercises can be found in a myriad of shapes and options and it's common to find stores stocking 50 + various cordless workouts, alone.

For many, shopping for one of these brilliant "Man Instruments" can be quite a challenging task. A very important factor is without a doubt - you do   baterijski vrtalniki   not want a tool that is wrong your intended job. To assist you seem sensible of this, I'll discuss the various types of cordless exercises and routine features.

Battery Form

Historically, cordless workouts have already been driven by nickel-cadmium (NICAD) batteries. The main trouble with NICAD batteries was the expected progress of "memory influence ".The battery packages develop the tendency to just accept merely a partial demand as complete and you are remaining with a battery that's greatly decreased run-time.

Newer lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries are just starting to be available in more and more cordless drills. Li-Ion batteries provide some distinct benefits over NICAD batteries including number memory effect, lengthier run instances, longer support living, and higher energy output. Additionally, lithium-ion cells contribute less weight than an equivalent NICAD cell.

Drills are available with battery packages in a selection of voltages commonly between 9.6 and 24 volts. The bigger voltage bags (18-24 volts) are very nearly entirely utilized in professional rank sort exercises and affect wrenches.

Seriously, I would not also look at a cordless punch without a lithium-ion energy system. They're a bit more expensive than NICAD counterparts, but, worth the cost provided the added advantages shown above.


Drill-Drivers are easily the most common type of cordless drill. The are ideal for most typical household tasks as well as gentle construction work. These exercises are available with either a 3/8 or 1/2 inch chuck. For many weekend-warriors, a cordless exercise with a 3/8 inch chuck is suitable. Workouts with 1/2 inch chucks present larger selection in application and more torque, but, at a high price of larger fat and bulk.
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