When it comes to finding spare parts or accessories for the car or motorcycle, more and more people turn to specialized sites. Mariano Vainstein, commercial manager of the Autopartes section of the Mercado online sales site, tells what things to take into account when operating through the Internet logo ecco.


Online sale

-How does the system work?

-The category auto parts are one of the most grown and is one of the strongest of the platforms. This, because people were losing distrust of electronic purchases due to the improvement in experience, the ratings of sellers, the entrance of official stores and the protected purchase, among other points. In auto parts, the most complex thing is to find the right part for the vehicle, because generally very little is known about mechanics and spare parts, and finding the right part without professional advice can be somewhat complex.


Choice of site

- What precautions should be taken before buying?


-It is necessary to make sure that the piece that is being bought is the one indicated. For that, all the necessary questions must be asked to the seller (usually an expert). If the publication offers withdrawal by the branch, there the seller could check the car and confirm if the piece purchased is correct. Buy auto parts by this means, allows doing it by cell phone or computer from anywhere and during 24 hours. In addition, you can find offers, compare prices, combine products, and know availability and stock, means of payment and much more.


Quantity and quality

- What types of spare parts are offered?


-It is found all kinds of spare parts and accessories for cars, trucks, motorcycles, quads, trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, industrial and nautical. 95% of the publications on our site are new products. The guarantee of the acquired parts is always granted by the brand of the product sold, as in the offline world. There may be guarantees on the part of the seller in his capacity as a retailer, wholesaler or distributor. It is important to analyze who is offering the product, to ensure a good response to any inconvenience.



- How should the purchase be made?


-For example, if we look for a tire we must indicate all the preferences (measurements, characteristics and / or brand). From the results obtained, it is necessary to choose the one that is preferred according to what the seller offers (means of payment, services, price, etc.). Then, select if you want to send it at home or remove it in a local (in this case, a geo location map will show the alternatives of places and hours of attention). Choose the desired means of payment and specify the purchase; also, indicate who withdraws / receives the product and ready.

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