How to Apply False Eyelashes Correctly

First you need to clean your eyelids so that when you apply the fake eyelashes, they can stick easily. It is necessary to clean the eyelid because excess oil or sebum there will not allow the eyelash adhesive to work. If you are planning to apply eye shadow then you must apply it before applying the eyelashes.

To get naturally longer eyelashes without any side effect, you can also take a try of cheap latisse serum, which is an is an ophthalmic solution containing prostaglandins manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals in the treatment of glaucoma. With same ingredients, it is also a kind of generic latisse buy online, feel free to visit our online store to learn more.

After you have chosen the appropriate eyelashes for your eyes it’s time to trim them. You need to make sure that the eyelashes are not wider than your eyes. Take proper measurement and trim them in such way that they fit the size of your eyes. You need to trim properly before you stick them on your eyelids. You need to taper them outside so that they look natural.

For gluing the eyelashes you need to use high quality glue. Cheap glue will not only give a odd look but may be harmful for your eyes. For applying take some glue on your fingertip and apply it on the fake eyelashes. Do not apply it on your eyelids as it may enter your eyes.

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