How Internal Links Help Visitors Navigate Your Site

In the SEO industry, when you hear the term “link building,” you probably assume the person is talking about external links or backlinks.

This makes sense. After all, backlinks from other websites are a strong signal to search engines and a driving force behind organic search rankings.

But there is another type of link building that is also important: internal link building.

These are the links you build on your website that point to other relevant pages on your site.

While internal links aren’t necessarily what we think of first when we discuss link building, they are an integral part of successful SEO. They even play an important role in deliver-ing ROI from external link acquisition

The page that is directly linked will benefit the most from a backlink, but through internal linking, you can pass along some of that equity to other pages.

While the SEO value is slightly diminished the further you get away from the externally linked page, internal links can provide an option for growing the authority and trust of your lower-funnel, less linkable pages.

While not impossible, it’s typically difficult to secure links to converting or “money pages” because these pages usually offer little value and cater to a small audience (those who are ready to buy your product).

However, you can overcome this challenge and support organic visibility for these pages through internal links from your .

The best part of this strategy is you only need to build the one internal link and your converting page will continuously, and progressively, benefit from each new backlink you earn to your linkable asset.

Just remember that internal links still need to be relevant. Your internal link should make sense contextually on the page you place it.

Internal links are a great way to support new pages as well. Before you launch an external link acquisition campaign for a new page, search your site for other relevant pages and build some internal links to give your page an initial boost.

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