How A Rolex Watch Helped Solve A Crime

Encuentra en Páginas Amarillas toda la información y servicios sobre Rellotgeria Ferrer. As it turned out, the identification of the victim through his Rolex watch and his friend was only the beginning of a major discovery. A Breitling watch makes a complete man because the name is associated with elegance and status. No matter how the crime had occurred or how it was planned, the point is that it would never have been uncovered if not for the Rolex watch found around Platt's wrist when he was fished up from the sea. Bei dem Uhrwerk handelt es sich um ein Rolex Manufakturwerk mit Selbstaufzugsmechanismus. The information provided on this page is solely the work of the author and has not been reviewed or authorized by Rolex USA. Auch wenn Quarzwerke längst Standard waren, blieb Rolex dem Chronographen treu.

The watch he bought is a rare Submariner model, which was first designed in the 50s for diving. Rolex chose to use the Jubilee bracelet with fluted bezel to distinguish this as the pillar of the Oyster collection. Introduced in 2008, the Rolex Deepsea is designed to exceed expectations of professional divers. What most people fail to realize is that retail watch stores are set up primarily for marketing and selling watches, not repairing them. Don't wear a luxury watch for prestige and status, because it's not going to work.

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