Hiring People and Bakery Related Article Problems Causing Me to See Red and Make My Blood Boil

Are you currently reading or playing the people writing articles on the internet which are not even in the trade about which they're authoring?

Can you imagine their words, after all they may be performing a little research on the Internet.

Personally speaking some of those article make my blood boil.

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Here they're telling people this or that is negative or they ought to get this done or that. Yet the majority of them don't have any real notion of exactly what a bakery actually is, and most never worked in or near a bakery.

It would seem in my experience that these people are walking in to a supermarket and seeing all the sliced over-wrapped cardboard style breads and deciding that simply because they dislike a specific brand or colored wrap that the bakery in which it was created is not a good place or business to be in.

They themselves have not even been inside any type of bakery let alone worked in one.

Do you think that I could have stayed in the trade for over 50 years if their words were correct.

I was taught from the ground up. Having begun at the age of 15 and started by cleaning the baking pans and sweeping the ground, then obtaining a certificate of skills to prove my worth.

From there, I continued to becoming an associate bakery manager then a bakery manager and area relief manager for the exact same company. I have already been in charge of operating what I termed a place bakery, where we made 280 pounds of flour in to a bread dough in three full minutes, 24 hours a day, which in turn the baked breads were sent up to the slicers for over-wrapping in the different colored super market brand wrappers.

I have already been accountable for starting several bakeries along with building bakeries and owned my own personal bakery.

If you think I'm blowing my own personal trumpet, Sure, Absolutely, I am! Because today I'm somewhat incensed by the negative attitude why these articles are displaying about an industry that's been my expereince of living as a specialist baker.

Now who on the planet can claim that the work they've is the greatest job on earth for just about any sustained amount of time.

Construction workers will tell you they've to work in every weather conditions to contend with. Office workers will show you their job is boring shuffling papers from one destination for a another. Police officers will show you the court system releases criminals as the courts are overwhelmed. Doctors will show you medical system needs more money. Teachers can tell you they're on strike to help our youngsters learn. (If you are able to think that one).

I'm definitely not planning to glorify or put some of those jobs down because that's the profession those people chose. I chose the bakery to be employed within and have for the absolute most part enjoyed my time in the industry.

There are problems in just about any and all businesses, but if you will glorify only the difficulties then it's no wonder unemployment is indeed saturated in many areas and industries.

The bakery or rather the food industry has their fair share of problems of course. Several of those problems are people related. Though unions will claim that the folks related problems are because those individuals are not unionized. Which of course is crap within my opinion.

The primary reason I have observed in the meals industry, is individuals concerned in several of those food related businesses haven't followed along side business guidelines or health regulation. And that is a trouble with employing unskilled and often uneducated people, which at times are immigrant employees not understanding the language of these employers.

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