Hidden Object - Sweet Home Download For Pc Ocean Of Games

Hidden Object - Sweet Home Download For Pc Ocean Of Games

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About This Game

Can you find all the hidden objects in your home?

Help the beautiful woman find all lost objects in her home in this finding object game.

There's no time limit to search and you can use a hint to find the tools that you need to complete each chapter.

Help the pretty woman find objects in his day, she became confused with so many things to do in her home.

You can do zoom in and zoom out to have a better look in all scenes. Slide your finger to move the screen to make your search easier.

There's a lot of missing gadgets in different environments, like kitchen, backyard, living room, bedroom and kids room. There's no better place than a clean home, locate everything that are lost in your house.

If you like hidden object games, download now this game and enter in this day to day adventure.


- Easy to play
- Zoom feature - zoom in and zoom out
- No time limit
- This game is available in english, french and russian 6d5b4406ea

Title: Hidden Object - Sweet Home
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Fabio Cunha
Fabio Cunha
Release Date: 16 Oct, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows XP SP3
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 3000
  • Storage: 400 MB available space


hidden objects home sweet home. hidden objects home sweet home hidden object game. hidden object - sweet home. hidden objects home sweet home level 3. hidden objects home sweet home level 9 bonus tickets

This game is dreadfully lazy. There's a total of 5 levels. You have to find objects in each level. Sounds simple enough. But here's the catch: the items never change. Yes, it might ask you to find DIFFERENT items, but the items are all in the same spot. You can memorize the layout of each level and find every object in each of the 'difficulty' settings in less than a minute each.

You have to play the Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty settings to complete the game. This requires you to play each of these boring and repetitive levels three times each. Difficulty is misleading, since there's no challenge. It just asks you to find different items each time. But again.... the items will ALWAYS be in the same spot.

This game took me about 25 minutes to complete fully. It's not even worth a dollar.. Let me preface this by saying that I play a lot of drivel on Steam. In fact, that's about all I do on Steam. But this, this is drivel in its purest form.

I love me some HOGs, but this isn't one. It's just an object game, and it's barely that. I completed this game in 0.2 hours with no difficulty at all except that a couple of the words were so hard-translated that they were unintelligible (cornice, by which the dev means "curtain rod", and ornament, by which the dev means "decorative insignia on an object"). Oh, and there's absolutely no window dressing. Oh, and there's exactly one song that plays on repeat the whole time and it is about one-fourth of the length of the Mario theme song.

There is nothing of value in this game, not even as a mindless timewaster. There's not even much else to say.. Maybe for a young child. Took me 15 minutes to beat. Good for achievement hunters.. Good cheap hidden object game for achievement hunters. Took me roughly 25 minutes to finish the game. Takes exactly 1 hour to 100%. Just leave the game running if you get done before the hour is up.. Good cheap hidden object game for achievement hunters. Took me roughly 25 minutes to finish the game. Takes exactly 1 hour to 100%. Just leave the game running if you get done before the hour is up.. I own Shower with Your Dad Simulator 2015<\/a> and I'm ashamed I bought this<\/i> garbage.

15 minutes to complete the entire thing, and that's only because I didn't know what the heck a cornice was. Turns out the dev didn't either, or just used a really awful translation website.. An awful HOG with just a few rooms repeating themselves all over. Plus, it crashes sometimes.. Game is too easy should be free. Game looks like someones homework, quickly and badly made, should not be on Steam.. Click simulator

No history and too easy :/

Fix achievement problem:
Some users tell me that they can't get some achievements in the game. I create an update now to correct the problem.. More objects:
I publish a new update with more objects. After you finish level 10 you will see levels with more objects to collect than the previous levels.. New soundtrack:
I update the game with a new soundtrack. Enjoy.. Achievements are ready:
The achievements are ready now. 4 achievements are included.

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