have obvious thinning hair or bald

"By definition, these people looked normal, but believe they are not attractive, ugly even use such as deformation or disfigurement," Phillips said, the author of a BDD is called a broken mirror. "This may confuse male pattern baldness despite their abnormal a full head of hair. This is not a vanity, this is a distorted body image. These men don't want to look very beautiful, they just want to look normal."

Coping with the bald: don't try to hide it
But those who have not been misunderstood by people, their appearance - men who really have thinning hair wigshumanhair, think they look terrible results?

"If a man really have obvious thinning hair or bald, technically I don't give him diagnosis of BDD," Phillips said. But there is many people have sparse hair is painful. As a doctor, I might use method of treatment to help the depression and reduce the bias. If you complain about your appearance, that's a problem. "

If bald men they looked ashamed, they announced their shame tried to disguise or conceal their hair glueless human hair wigs uk, it is a huge turn off, according to the image of the counselor Amanda Sanders image consultants in New York City.

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