What is a hair transplant or hair transplant ?  

If you have baldness or hair loss, hair transplants or hair transplants are one of the effective ways to remedy this defect. In a hair transplant procedure, a specialist will cut, cut, and trim grafts from the more dense, usually dorsal part of the hair, and transplant into grafted or non-haired areas. These healthy patches of hair that contain hair follicles can grow in any part of the body.

Hair transplant can also be done in different areas such as hair, eyebrows and beard. If follicular units are transplanted and implanted properly, the hair in the area of ​​interest will naturally grow, be permanent, fit, require no care, and do not shed.

It is important to note that according to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education's guidelines, qualified specialists in hair transplantation, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and head and neck surgeons have sufficient knowledge of skin and hair diseases.

Source: razmag

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