Greek Sports Ministry insisted pause Cup

According to Fifa 16 points foreign reports, the Greek Deputy Minister fifa 17 coins of Sport JULIUS hole Toennies, 28, said he would be meeting with a delegation of FIFA and UEFA to discuss Greece because of fan trouble suspended Greece Cup decision. He said that the Greek government will not object to the FIFA and UEFA decision to change easily.

Greek media reports, FIFA and UEFA will send 30 officials to put pressure on Athens, Greece to stop the Greek government to abandon Cup decision. If Greece insists that FIFA and UEFA would sanction or Greece, the country's football team is prohibited in the European and world buy fifa 17 coins competitions.

However, the hole Toennies said: "We will defend this decision, which is legal in Greece, is to restore public order and measures taken." Hole Toennies said: "This is the attitude of the government that we will not succumb to external. intimidation and pressure, we will follow the Greek law. "

In early March, teams and fans riot in Thessaloniki Olympiacos Greek Cup cheap fifa 17 coins semi-final place. Olympiakos in the 89th minute in a 2: 1 lead, dozens of football hooligans stormed the court, accusing the referee did not give the team a penalty Salonika. Riot police to maintain order approach, but still continued unrest in the stands, the stadium facilities were extensive damage.

Greek Football Association subsequently fined 100,000 euros Salonica team,where to buy fifa 17 coins  after taking five Super League, also fined their three games to be held in camera. Thereafter, the hole Toennies behalf of Buy Fifa 16 Coins the government announced the indefinite suspension of the Greek Cup. This is the first time the tournament was halted.

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