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Original Title: Goku Vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Duel!

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Thriller



































Goku decides to take on mighty Vegeta all by himself! The two appear evenly matched, but both are hiding their true strength. The epic battle is underway - which mighty warrior will claim victory?
This is pretty much my favorite Dragon Ball Z episode ever. Basically it starts with Goku fighting Vegeta in a rocky wasteland, and ends with him defeating the Evil Saiyan Prince in a beam battle (although this turns out to be one of many false dawns). There are a couple of cutaway scenes in Master Roshi's island, which do a good job adding some comic relief, as well as a few other filler scenes with Gohan, Krillin and Yajirobe.

Due to heavy editing in the English dub, the corresponding episode in the Japanese version ends and begins at different points. The dub itself (produced by Ocean Group, Saban Entertainment & FUNimation) is superb. The dark guitar-driven soundtrack by Saban adds to the intensity of Goku and Vegeta's fight, while Ian Corlett & Brian Drummond from Ocean Group are perfect as the two Saiyan warriors.

Overall, this would be an ideal episode for someone who is new to Dragon Ball. Everything that is great about the series is present here.

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