Gamble Fight Plus Free Download [Keygen]

Gamble Fight Plus Free Download [Keygen]

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About This Game


Create your ideal female fighter then bet and battle your way through the ruthless world of underground fighting!

Use your battle winnings to customize and enhance your characters in this fast paced action fighting game.


Earn money by winning different types of battles that you fight yourself, or by betting on battles fought by computer players.
Use that earned money to customize your characters with new weapons, costumes, body types, faces, and hair styles.
Collect all items and parts to build your ideal female fighter!


  • Battle stage-by-stage in a progressive 1vs1 Fight Mode.
  • Bet points on computer enemy matches to win rewards in Gambling Mode.
  • Play in Free Mode to battle against opponents that are randomly equipped with unlocked items.
  • Rumble along side friends in 2vs2 Team Battle Mode across 6 different stages.
  • Choose between 10 unique weapon types and fighting styles including swords, spears and even a Gatling gun!
  • Dress your characters in 10 different kinds of outfits including a maid costume, swimsuits, shrine maiden's garb, Chinese dress and more.
  • Unlock physical customization items to alter the looks, body type, and capabilities of your characters.
  • Watch the fabric fly as the damage you deal tears away at your opponent's clothing!

Title: Gamble Fight Plus
Genre: Action, Indie
One Man Army
Eroge Japan
Release Date: 19 Apr, 2019

English,Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

Worked fine until I equipped two swords and sold the old sword and the old boxing gloves. After that the game crashes everytime I try to start a fight. So I don't know a lot about the game but as far as I can tell the game has pretty good combat mechanics with some bugs and annoying stuff, like how easy it is to get caught in a midair-combo that you can't get out of and there goes your entire lifemeter. I would like to play more so If they can fix the bug that crashes my game and add more options for eyes, hair, some victory animations, skins, story etc this game has some potential. Can't recommend it now though.

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