Furniture industry development: O2O is also difficult to have O2O

European classical style furniture is a pursuit of gorgeous, elegant classical style of its design directly by the European architecture, literature, painting and even the impact of music art, the most influential European style of European-style furniture design.

This period is a column-based structure of the times, pay attention to the church from the circular arch from the apocalypse, sculpture, mosaic and other artistic means in a secondary position,lawn chairs thailand supplier the material thick, simple lines. Roman column structure can be summarized into five basic pillars. The five columns in the form of Klins pillar, Ionic column and modular column in three kinds of furniture and furniture decoration in the use of the most common.

To the elaborate and gorgeous stencils constitute the new furniture, popular in France, to steeple, arch and vertical line-oriented, towering, light, rich and delicate, its profound impact on the ancient building representatives are: the United Kingdom Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame de Paris in France, Cologne Cathedral in Germany. On the "Gothic" to describe the building, people used this sentence: "It is like a flame to jump to the sky, straight, upright." And this period of furniture production, is to imitate the shape of the main building, the existing style of furniture in the world to Spain up to the most authentic. The furniture of this period has become the antique art products, and absolutely the greenhouse flowers. But the art of painting during this period of great influence on furniture,best outdoor furniture italy furniture manufacturing craftsmen began to pay attention to the pattern of wood finishes and colors, began to use natural colored wood splicing beautiful picture. This evaluation of the Renaissance furniture works: balance, subtle, restrained, and full of reason and logic. Importantly, this period of furniture did not form their own style handed down, so that in the long river of history has been gradually drowned.

Baroque-style furniture, the main features is to emphasize the intensity, change and dynamic, sofa gorgeous cloth and exquisite sculpture with each other, the noble shape and ground pavement integration, temperament grace. Emphasizing architectural painting and sculpture, as well as the comprehensive indoor environment, highlighting exaggeration, romance, passion and irrationality, hallucinations, fantasy features. Breaking the balance, changing the plane, emphasizing the level and depth. The use of colored marble, precious stones, bronze, gold and other decorative ornate, spectacular, broke through the Renaissance classical doctrine of some of the principles and principles.

Speaking of Rococo style can not fail to speak of a person, he is the British furniture designer Chippendale (1718-1779). He is the tower of China, Suzhou garden technology and Western elements of the East and the integration of furniture production skills of the first person. He is also the furniture industry's most accomplished furniture designer, is also the first designer to name furniture style furniture division. Rococo style is the French "rock", "shell" compound words, meaning the Rococo,6 ft wedding table Rococo art furniture focus on the characteristics of the curve. Sofa * back, handrails, chair legs and frames are mostly elegant and elegant carving, the back of the roof beam has exquisite ups and downs of the "C" -shaped "S" -shaped vortex of the delicate combination of legs with curved legs Style and equipped with claws grasping the ball when the chair legs, the back of the top beam and frame before the beam has a shell pattern carving.

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