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Original Title: For The Love Of Money

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller


















































One man leaves his old gangster lifestyle for a fresh start. As his past creeps up, he'll have to protect his family, even if it means going back to his old ways. Based on a true story.
Based on a true story. One man, Izek, leaves his old, seedy, gangster filled lifestyle to start over with his family. After relocating to Los Angeles it isn't long before the world of crime that he tried to escape finds him. Threatened by a dangerously temperamental gangster, his criminal cousin and a drug lord, Issac finds starting a fresh start almost impossible. As those close to him fall victim to the promises of quick money by the way of the gun, violence surrounds him until he has no choice but to confront it. He'll do whatever it takes to keep those close to him safe even if it means going back to his old ways.
This film seems to have everything going for it. Good production value, nice nostalgia, great and accurate time warping, good play by good actors, lovely cars and great music memories. So obviously what's not working here is the drive of the story. A pity because this could have been really good. However, it you looking for a drama more than a action movie, there's a good chance you'll be quite satisfied.

A story based on real life events. We meet a couple of Israeli boys growing up in Tel Aviv, later on moving to L.A. To experience the American dream. Being successful with starting burger bars, going further on to dealing with cars, we follow the rise of gangsters. Being stupid enough to not showing the right amount of respect for Levine, they get into deep trouble.

The story is told like many well known gangster movies. I love James Caan's role as the mob boss Mickey Levine here. He is excellent!

The main film makers behind this female, and you might feel that. If you see this as a drama, and don't compare it to the gangster movies it pretends to follow I the line of, this is quite good film making. The description of this movie makes it sound lively and action-filled. In fact, it is slow, uneven, and devoid of character development. I kept wondering if the people in the film were actors. James Caan does a good job, but it isn't enough to save this. The ending is sappy. If you want entertainment, go someplace else. Don't even bother popping popcorn.


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