FIFA15 famous players although price

FIFA15 famous players although price is Cheap Fifa 17 Coins not excellent, but it has been the choice for classic old players. Today little for everyone to take a famous players and old players to use Religious Vieri use of encounter and knowledge.fifa15 to now put some but not too much, buy a few relatively cost-effective tale, such as Filippo Inzaghi, Pauleta, Vieri, Larsson, etc., where they can count on the famousCock wirequot;, but the price without Dick cable, the cheapest Pauleta and Inzaghi have 30W. This year my silver cash are put into tale Road, resulting in I have never used kun,

Neuer and other livestock. These folks have a Buy Fifa 17 Coins lot more cost-effective than the tale, but Who we classic yet.Closer by, which nowadays is to talk about Vieri, the charges are about 40-45w, is my first buy of tale, was the first to buy the issue on which famous players twisted for several periods, lastly selected him, because the team is relatively cost-effective French front aspect. Vieri with a 5-6 year, about to increase from d8 d3, I battled for about 120 activities,reviewing more than 100 objectives, limited my stage,

Can not perform with his performances were a soccer ball over the details.Vieri features:1, strong. +87 Durability of large models in the world is the tanks, but more complicated, violence excellent 83;2, excellent taken. 90 taken, 87 taken power, 82 lengthy photos, going 90. Actually, the famous taken are excellent, generally in about 90 striker, advancing not to say;3, stop excellent, with flexible forward (complete forward) tricks.Vieriweaknesses:1, the interest rate in general;2, rigid, dribbling a basketball like a general;3,3 Celebrity Poor Foot +3 star abilities.4, fitness normally, prone to harm late in the second 50 percent.Use of experience

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