FIFA Online 3 new engine players are recommended

As a new generation of the French team and Juventus midfield, in the real football match, Paul Robb Drogba is perfect, efficient, versatile midfielder. And no doubt the best fifa 16 coin price compare in Europe into the year 2015 11 squad.

Then FIFAoline3 mediator Rob Drogba is easy to use it, my practical experience tells me that he is the same easy to use. I will start with the data analysis, I use Boge Ba +3, when 20, his ball control and dribbling more prominent, the next step is long-range and long passes. This data is reflected in the game can be said to the head, where victory can only recommend, still depends on the individual as to how to approach the game and comprehend, you can put other players Bo Geba and its equivalent position in a game the demo comparison, will feel Boge Ba is absolutely easy to use.

A broad perspective, superior ability to intercept, good passer, in FIFAoline3 new engine, De Rossi on the lower back position, you can make sure your defenses secure. fifa coins reviews Speak with the facts, he steals, robbery, physical, strong and other data are reached more than 105, it is quite objective and his model is good, 185 is the standard height lumbar height.

In FIFAonline3 new engine with Zlatan Ibrahimovic Some bad? We have not found after a new engine updates with Ibrahimovic 11 a lot of people, and why? I personally feel the importance of the model embodied in Ibrahim body head. I personally use the Ibrahimovic 10, when Ibrahimovic before the ball field, his body strong sexual play, and generally does not move back to squeeze him, he still balance the successful completion of high-quality hit the door, this general the striker is not have the quality. Second, although in reality little football Li Yibu into the header, but in FIFAonline3 game, Ibrahimovic headed goals is relatively where to buy fifa coins common, which no doubt also reflect the importance of the model.

Godin 15 season as the new engine of one of the top ten King Kong, I am very fortunate to put him on the 6, based on the numerical analysis of his man to man, steals and other defensive tackles value reached 110, the data can be described as defensive. In the game of cheapest Fifa 16 coins website qualifying combat Godin defense is repeated Li Qigong, Offence to manufacture a lot of trouble, solid defense, steals clean. Heading aspect, in the corner, and in a pinch can also Godin, Li Qigong, a fatal blow to free fifa coins the opponent, worthy of everyone to guard the reputation of the knife. In short, in the defender candidates, Godin - you deserve!

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