For the first time in franchise history, EA is including the entire Turkish League in FIFA 15 coins. Pretty sure this will come as great news for football fans living in the country of Turkey. All 18 teams of the Turkish.

One of the most impressive non-gameplay additions to FIFA 15 is that of Match Day Live, which is perfect for fans of the sport itself. Within this hub, you can choose your favorite team and get all the latest news and scores for just them. You can also switch to any other team with ease and find out what is going on in all of the numerous leagues around the world.

Martin Tyler and Alan Smith continue to produce some of the best team sports commentary out there, and they’ve got some additional quips and beats this year. The crowd sound is terrific, especially with the enhanced BPL chants and songs.

The crowds sound great. Region-specific chants that are designated by club and league immerse you in the game. It would be nice if Smith and Tyler had a bit larger name database programmed in. In games without as many well-known stars, there are times when the announce team is a bit quiet for stretches. This does not seem to be the case when playing a Premier League match or a La Liga clash. However, if you're looking to play some MLS action, you might notice a vastly different audio experience.

But frustrating are the obvious exploits to score cheap goals – dashing past a full back and cutting into the box is a recipe for success – but you can usually see them coming a mile off and hopefully EA will nerf the loopholes in a future update. It almost seems as if a few foibles are intentionally included in each edition – if EA did release the perfect football game then we wouldn't be so inclined to cough up $100 every year for the latest update.

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