The first of all, you need to select your console Xbox one,xbox 360, ps3, ps4, PC or IOS, so you can also buy power leveling, for example like World of Warcraft or others, so lot of games and a lot of options for you to buy fifa 16 coins.

Now we are gonna take a look at FIFA points and coins, and as you can see here in about 15% off all products at Black Friday time, and the valid time is 4 or 5 days. We're choosing xbox one and then the prices for fut 16 coins like 10K is $2, it is very cheap. We also can get FIFA points accounts, player contract, comfort trade, account and CDK here.

Comfort trade is that you've given them your details for your account,you can also buy coins via player contracts and it only needs you 10 minutes or 5 minutes for delivery, it's very fast, then we got fifa 16 points account, you can can choose between 23000 Xbox one or 33600 for PlayStation 4, so you got more options, but we are going to buy Xbox, so we are going to choose that add to cart, so you can see now $64, it's very cheap. If you would buy that from FIFA directly would pay like $200 and you spent more than a half that price from EA, so it's very cheap.

So as you cansee all the customers are very happy with the service it's instant it's cheap,it's reliable. Everyone can buy here, you can buy from any country around the world from asia or from others. If you have any problems you can also contact the live chat with them, and they will reply instantly. And now we are going to check out and we will show you how to pay what type of information, so you have to put in first of all you need to put in your real name, email address and your phone number, because if they have any problems with your order, they will contact you. Then, you can ask for discount code, because it played Friday you can get 15% off all purchases of any type of products.

After you inputing the discount code,then to choose the payment of fifa 16 points methods, which is including

paysafecard Visa card MasterCard. And the last you can wait for your buying products now. If you have any question about our website, you can contact our live help directly.

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