After passing the corresponding evaluations and driving tests, the beginners get their certificates and are already qualified to go out. However, there may still be some fears when facing the demands of transit on the routes and within the city. Insecurity and lack of experience can be high risk factors, causing accidents due to hesitation or not making a correct decision on time. In order to avoid these situations, here we share some driving tips for beginners dot compliance training.


Know the vehicle to drive

Knowing the car and getting used to it is essential to obtain the necessary safety when driving. Driving a van is not the same as a small vehicle, especially when faced with complicated challenges such as parking. It is important to familiarize you with the pedals and to be clear about what and how all the buttons and levers that the car has are working. Knowing where the emergency brake is, the lights and indicator signs, is a way to move more safely and without any problem. In addition, having auto insurance is another essential requirement to be forewarned of any unexpected situation.


Have a good posture at the wheel

Perhaps some drivers have not been warned about the importance of sitting correctly in front of the wheel. Acquiring a good posture is essential to be able to maneuver the car safely and with the speed that is required in the event of any unforeseen event. Therefore, it is essential not to start without first regulating the seat, the steering wheel and the headrest.


Comply with established standards

Strictly respecting traffic rules is the basis of safe driving. The more these standards are met, the lower the risks. The first thing that a driver must do when getting on the vehicle is to put on the safety belt, since it provides protection in the event of a collision and, it is known, reduces the risk of death by up to 80%. In addition, it is essential to respect the speed limits indicated by the respective routes and adapt the handling to the weather and road conditions.


Be concentrated when driving

The driver must take into account that his responsibility is very important, a small imprudence can cause disproportionately greater damage to it. For this reason, concentration at the wheel must be total, especially when driving through cities. Greater still must be the concentration and observation of the beginners so as not to miss any detail or signal. To do this, avoid distractions such as the use of mobile phones, loud music or conversations with other passengers.


Do not ingest drugs or alcohol

It is a fundamental norm for any type of driver. The handling of a vehicle is incompatible with the consumption of drugs or alcohol, as they can generate a loss of total control over the car. If any type of these substances has been consumed, you must be responsible and let another person assume the task of driving, or take a taxi or any other public transport.

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