Download RPG Maker MV - Paranormal Monsters .zip

Download RPG Maker MV - Paranormal Monsters .zip

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Aliens, robots and ghosts, oh my! Imagining modern day and the near future through the eyes of science fiction can be a challenging task. Paranormal Monsters battler pack is here to help!

Created by Thalzon, this imaginative battler pack features both staples such as invading alien entities and unique enemies such as a toilet possessed by the spirit of a hungry gator. With 59 battlers to choose from, you're guaranteed to find just the right enemy for your contemporary or futuristic game.

  • 59 side-view static battlers, with or without shadows.
  • Supernatural enemies such as ghosts, mutants and aliens.
  • Battle with modern and futuristic elements such as tanks, robots and evil scientists!
  • Brightly-colored and imaginative pieces that work with Thalzon's free battler designs.

Title: RPG Maker MV - Paranormal Monsters
Genre: Design & Illustration, Web Publishing
Release Date: 20 Jun, 2017

English,French,Italian,German,Russian,Japanese,Korean,Traditional Chinese,Arabic,Simplified Chinese

great if you want to mix it up with modern menace or if you are planning on creating something like call of ctuhulu or earthbound spinoff

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