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Money Talks. Silence Pays. Prepare to Make a Killing. When assassins from Agent 47's contract agency, The ICA, are eliminated in a series of hits, it seems a larger, more powerful agency has entered the fray. Sensing he may be a target, 47 travels to America, and prepares to make a killing.
  • 'Blood Money' system: the cleaner the 'hit' the more money you receive which can be spent on bribing witnesses and police to reduce your notoriety, weapon customisation, specialist equipment and information.
  • Customisable weapons: modify Agent 47's custom weapons in a variety of ways including sound, recoil, rate of fire, damage, reload speed, accuracy and zoom.
  • Strong narrative: who is wiping out the ICA and what is their motivation?
  • New engine: the world of the assassin has never been so interactive or looked so good!
  • New gameplay techniques: including disarm, distraction, accidents, body disposal, human shield and decoy weapons.
  • New control and camera system: Agent 47 now moves independently of the camera.
  • New moves: Agent 47 can now climb, hide, scale ledges and automatically pass low obstacles.
  • Improved AI: guards will follow blood trails, investigate suspicious items and behaviour. New pathfinder engine provides improved tracking and movement with realistic enemy behaviour and interaction.
  • Soundtrack by BAFTA-winning composer Jesper Kyd.

Title: Hitman: Blood Money
Genre: Action
Io-Interactive A/S
Io-Interactive A/S
Release Date: 30 May, 2006


its good even in 2019. Hitman: Blood Money is a great place for newcomers to delve into the series. Each of its sandbox style levels are well executed, with a multitude of ways to deal with each target. Some of the stronger weapons and items aren't very useful, but it still is fun to have the option of accomplishing a mission while shooting everything in sight if you can live through it. The stealth mechanics are what shine the brightest.

It's enthralling to plan each assassination while learning more about your target and their schedules. Most importantly, each mistake feels fair and with every attempt you will get a bit better. Completion of a mission also rewards different ranks depending on how you performed, which creates a lot of replay value.

Overall, it's extremely well made and doesn't take itself too seriously. Some of the darker stealth games downplay player creativity, while Blood Money relishes in it.. I've tried getting into the earlier Hitman games some time ago, but I found them to be rather clunky experiences. Coupled with my generally very lacking abilities when it comes to stealth gameplay, I didn't really know what I was doing and as result, I didn't have much fun. However, the two most recent games in the series seem to have been getting a lot of positive attention from fans, which, in addition to me recently playing Hitman GO, reignited my interest in the series. Instead of trying to play the whole series from the beginning, I simply chose to start with the most well regarded entry, to see what all the fuss was about.

To my surprise, I found the experience rather welcoming, with gameplay concepts being introduced and explained rather well. It managed to ease someone like me into a world where stealth is not simply an option, but a mandatory prerequisite in order to experience all the gameplay choices available to the player.

What I actually like the most about this series is the fact that its version of stealth doesn't mean you have to crawl through vents and stay in the shadows all the time. Hiding in plain sight is what this series is all about and figuring out how to achieve that goal on your way to your next target is what makes the fantasy of dressing up Agent 47 in these, sometimes ridiculous, outfits so much fun.

This radically different approach to stealth gameplay means that stealth in this game is not merely an obstacle course, where you want to stay hidden from the enemy, but an intricate puzzle. Targets, guards and regular civilians all have their own set routes and behaviors in these levels. Some repeat their cycles endlessly, some have specific paths they travel along throughout each mission and you have to time your way through all of it.

The best part of this clockwork-like structure means that you have a variety of choices of how, when and where you want to engage with all the non-player characters. You can find weaknesses in their patrol paths and exploit them, use circumstantial elements of the level design to create traps that look like accidents or lure people away from their patrol routes. This open-ended way of giving the player lots of ways of achieving their goals means that there is an incredible amount of replay-value here to explore. You're almost never done with a mission just by playing it once.

That doesn't mean that the game is reliant on trial and error though. Plenty of stealth games feel like they require the player to fail at least once in order to learn a piece of information before they can overcome an obstacle. However, to me, that isn't really all that fun and engaging. Hitman: Blood Money gives the player lots of leeway before guards simply open fire on you, by alerting you before you enter restricted areas and giving you some time to leave those areas before attacking you. This means that you can play this game in an improvisational manner, learning the way the level wants you to behave while you're exploring it, without failing you at every turn. The aggressively limited save-system, which only allows a certain number of saves per level, forces you to pay attention and take some risks.

If there's one thing about the game that doesn't feel all that polished, it would have to be the narrative. The missions themselves are disconnected from each other. There is a framing narrative around these missions, but they largely have no impact on the stories told in those missions, which feels like a missed opportunity. However, I guess that lack of a holistic narrative is an inherent problem with a game about an agent of a global assassination agency that takes every mission if the pay is good.

This lack of overarching structure is also felt in the notoriety system, which increases the players notoriety with NPCs in future missions, if the player fails to remain inconspicuous throughout their missions, but you can simply pay them off in between missions. It's hardly a drain on resources and in the end doesn't matter in the greater scheme of things, since you're not debating on spending your money on lowering your notoriety versus buying useful upgrades for your arsenal, since you're generously rewarded with enough money to comfortably do both those things.

Other than that, I had a lot of fun with Hitman: Blood Money and I certainly look forward to playing some more titles in this series in the future.
. Great game, but the options menu doesn't work on Windows10. I can't even change the resolution.. The best game in the series.. What shall i need to write about this masterpiece? i don't know tbh how to explain it for you in some words, let me just say that this game is beautiful aka perfection, i played it the first time long time ago, not on pc of course but well... it's great to have played it again. :)

Let me just tell you one thing, a simple true.

What the \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 they call you? "Tobias Rieper" just say in his own special cold and flawless way.
Names are for I don't need one. ^^

Heisen.. I recommend this as the first game someone plays in the Hitman franchise.
This game is an amazing classic game with so much to do so i'm going to review it in sections:

Fun Stuff:
#1 Push people down stairs instead of using your professional gear.
#2 Massacre everybody.
#3 Blow people up with mines.
#4 Use special ways to kill such as in A New Life where you can set a fire on the grill and set someone on fire.

Story Rating:
You play as Agent 47 and you assassinate people (Spoiler ahead) and you assassinate the Vice President!\t<\/span><\/span>
I rate the story a 10\/10.

I hope you get this game! Also you should pickup the newest Hitman games because they're like this one! (Don't get Absolution unless you want an only decent story based Hitman game). best hitman game still in 2019. THE Hitman game to rule them all.. ---{Graphics}---
\u2610 You forget what reality is
\u2610 Beautiful
\u2610 Good
\u2022 Decent
\u2610 Bad
\u2610 Don\u2018t look too long at it
\u2610 Paint.exe

\u2022 Very good
\u2610 Good
\u2610 It\u2018s just gameplay
\u2610 Mehh
\u2610 Starring at walls is better
\u2610 Just don\u2018t

\u2610 Eargasm
\u2610 Very good
\u2610 Good
\u2022 Not too bad
\u2610 Bad
\u2610 Earrape

\u2610 Kids
\u2610 Teens
\u2610 Adults
\u2022 Human

---{PC Requirements}---
\u2610 Check if you can run paint
\u2022 Potato
\u2610 Decent
\u2610 Fast
\u2610 Rich boiiiiii
\u2610 Ask NASA if they have a spare computer

\u2610 Just press \u201aA\u2018
\u2610 Easy
\u2022 Significant brain usage
\u2610 Easy to learn \/ Hard to master
\u2610 Difficult
\u2610 Dark Souls

\u2022 Nothing to grind
\u2610 Only if u care about leaderboards\/ranks
\u2610 Isnt necessary to progress
\u2610 Average grind level
\u2610 Too much grind
\u2610 You\u2018ll need a second live for grinding

\u2610 Story?
\u2610 Text or Audio floating around
\u2022 Average
\u2610 Good
\u2610 Lovley
\u2610 It\u2018ll replace your life

---{Game Time}---
\u2610 Long enough for a cup of coffee
\u2610 Short
\u2022 Average
\u2610 Long
\u2610 To infinity and beyond

\u2610 It\u2019s free!
\u2022 Worth the price
\u2610 If u have some spare money left
\u2610 Not recommended
\u2610 You could also just burn your money

\u2610 Never heard of
\u2022 Minor bugs
\u2610 Can get annoying
\u2610 ARK: Survival Evolved
\u2610 The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs

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