Defiance 2050 - Starter Class Pack Cheat

Defiance 2050 - Starter Class Pack Cheat

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Paradise is waiting: continue the fight in Defiance 2050.

Unlock all 4 initial base classes & more.


Title: Defiance 2050 - Starter Class Pack
Genre: Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Trion Worlds
Trion Worlds
Release Date: 10 Jul, 2018


defiance 2050 starter class pack

how do i activate it. I purchased it and it is not giving me the option to claim items in the store.. **UPDATE #2** As of Sept. 7th, this has been resolved. Thank you very much to Brasse (the kind developer that replied to this review on the main game page). I seen her from SOE days and much respect there. She made sure I got a refund (already been received!) While this review touched on the customer service side of things, I will say I fully enjoyed the game. Will I go back at some point? Right now I am still saying no. I hope the customer service improves as time goes on, especially in situations like this. I feel this game was an improvement over the original. I miss playing it, but this situation left a horrible taste in my mouth which will be hard to be rid of. I am just really glad that it got resolved. If you liked the original, at least give this one a go. I won't list this review as recommended right now. Will see as time moves forward. I felt bad with this review and the ticket process as this is not the type of person I am. It affected me very negatively as $20 is not something I can just throw away. **UPDATE** As of September 3rd. yup. its still going on. I honestly don't care anymore, but this support is completely pathetic. Most of the responses have been copy/paste. (This review is copied over from the main Defiance 2050 store page) I was all ready to actually give this a recommendation. I didn't want to add to the Mostly Negative. I really didn't. But Trion support did this to themselves. I know this review won't get attention, people probably won't even see it, but screw it, at least I add to the negative. I purchased the Starter Class Pack, and had no claimable items. It apparently went to the wrong account. I did a quick google and found this very helpful link: So all was fine! They could help transfer the items to the correct account! Horray! Not all is lost! But alas, all was very much lost. Ticket was submitted on August 2nd. I heard back on August 8th from GM Goko asking me many questions regarding my account information along with this quote: "Upon reviewing the information you have provided, we see that the purchase has been done on the alternate account with which the Steam account is linked." I thought good news! I just answer a few questions! All is well! I submit the answers roughly 1 hour after I got their email asking for it. Fast forward to August 12th, they finally decided to answer! But oh wait, its an email from GM Doko again telling me, and I quote, "I apologize for the frustration this issue has caused. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with this issue. We recommend contacting Steam Support for further assistance. You can get in contact with Steam Support using the following link:" So, Steam can hack into my Trion account and change my claim items to my other Trion account? How does that work? Anyone have an answer? Their website clearly states they would be able to help. You can bet youru2665u2665u2665u2665u2665I asked for a refund and I will give Steam any proof they need. This support is complete crap, and I am done with Trion. Like they care anyway. Oh well.. When you buy this, go to the game, launch the game, log in, when you can access the defiance store tab over to claim items.

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