Deadly Escape Download For Pc [Torrent]

Deadly Escape Download For Pc [Torrent]

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About This Game

What is Deadly Escape?

Deadly Escape is a small episodic Survival Horror game where you have to beat each chapter with one life, inspired by survival horror games of the '90s.

After the complex was raided by undead monsters, our wounded protagonist is abandoned inside the infirmary. He wakes up only to find that everyone has been massacred and the place is locked down. Now he has to trace the steps of the deceased that tried to escape before him, hoping to find a way out of this nightmare.


  • Old school survival horror action. Ration your ammo, every bullet counts !
  • Collect and use key items to advance deeper inside the complex.
  • Explore and find new weapons to increase your odds of survival.
  • Find documents, files, and notes from the deceased personal. Uncover what happened!
  • Compete against other players via online leaderboards! Who will be the first survivor?
  • Listen to an all original soundtrack!
  • Steam achievements
  • Trading Cards Coming Soon

Title: Deadly Escape
Genre: Action, Indie
Ominous Entertainment
Ominous Entertainment
Release Date: 9 Feb, 2018


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I like this type of game, and I do actually like this game. BUT... It's clunky, VERY short, frustrating due to poor animations and glitches and I think it's been abandoned. Glitches and issues for me included a zombie attacking me and me not being able to move or attack (this happened a couple of times) and the gun glitching on the third shot - happened consistently for one play through. As this is a permadeath game, both of this were VERY frustrating! - I actually quite like permadeath games, especially if they're shorter, but you can't have glitches in them. This makes it broken rather than just a challenge.

As it's a cheap game, I can forgive a lot of the points I've made, but at a glance it doesn't look like anything has been done on this game for about a year now so I think it's abandoned, which is a shame. I think if issues had been ironed out, more chapters had been released, more achievements included and a few additional game modes, this game would have been fantastic!

If you can get it VERY cheap then I would recommend it. If the devs do all of the above, then I would DEFINITELY recommend it!

4/10. I really liked the game, has a good feel to it, we need more games like this. Well worth the price.

There are a couple bugs but the devs seem to be fixing them, so no valid complains. Was enjoyable enough :) hopefully the devs will fix the bugs soon and add more chapters.. Lovely just Lovely nice and easy to play re looks like to come so cant wait the style is aswome and the so far as i read the papper the story line is really cool cant wail fill in the blank and get more as i play it .
Game is fight the zombie get key cards and gave up ammo and medic supplys so you can keep your self alive also nice toch the exploding barrels cleared that room lol . im given big thumbs up wont play more Child is ill why why lol .
keep great work up bud. Very fun considering it costs less than £1. Could be improved with more levels.. excellent game, played it for a short time and it is very interesting. i liked the pixel graphics style.

a tribute to resident evil games.. JUST FIX BUGS PLS, a to pizde..... Short but good for the price, hope second episode will be released soon.. Check out my Steam Curator page, "Minorthreatt Gaming Reviews." I have the most organized and extensive genre lists on Steam! Be sure to "FOLLOW" for more of my recommendations:

The Short of it: Dark, moody zombie survival game with a plot that reminds me of Day of the Dead. Escape an underground testing facility gone to hell, killing zombies, solving puzzles, and finding needed supplies.

I have more time logged than it says, I had to play it offline due to a thunderstorm I played it in. Extra creepy, lol.

I liked the serious tone and the notes and story bits you find scattered around and on dead bodies. Good fun for the reasonable price and easy to get into.
. Pretty fun. Reminds me a little of old school survival 8 bit mixed in with some rpg elements. 6\/10

It makes me sad not to recommend Deadly Escape. I enjoyed my experience with this top-down, pixelated, Resident Evil-esque title. I was absolutely in the mood to play a game like this, with the impending release of the Resident Evil 2 remake. I found myself rationing ammo, searching for keycards, luring zombies into explosive barrels, etc. After playing for about 30 min, locating red and yellow keycards and finding replacement fuses for a generator, I stumbled into a boss fight.

I pulled out a rifle and attempted to figure out it's maximum range, while the boss then immediately threw two explosive barrels at me and killed me. I then realized that there were no save points in the game at all. This is a problem, especially since success seems to require such slow and methodical gameplay for the majority of the level. I'm not interested in slowly and painstakingly playing the first 30 min of the game just for another attempt on that boss. Perhaps some players are willing to make that time investment, but I'm not one of them - not to mention that the game wouldn't be as tense on subsequent playthroughs, as I would then know where to find all items and where each zombie spawns.

Other issues included:
*The auto-targeting sometimes locks onto a zombie when you'd like it to lock onto a barrel, and vice versa

*At one point after killing a zombie at the bottom of the level, I was able to continously pick up boxes of ammo off of his corpse - at least 10.

*At one particular point, the game is supposed to trigger a door opening - a dead man in a lab coat is slumped in a chair inside. I actually wandered around for a while wondering how to progress prior to this door triggering, despite walking up to it multiple times.

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