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About This Game

Title: Cyberhunt
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 19 May, 2017


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP or later
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHZ or Better
  • Memory: 512 MB


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    really bonkers game, funn. Cyberhunt is a infinite twin-stick shooter game set on a cyberpunk world. As a game, it's awful. As a game I bought for $0.10, well, I got what I paid for.. A fun little game, I rate it 7.5/10. Fun little asteroids type achievment hunter game. the 50 or so cents you'll pay for it on sale is well worth the price imo for an hour or two of amusement. Not gonna blow your mind or have ya telling your friends its the best game ever but certainly isn't gonna leave ya dissapointed you burned a buck on it.. Fun little asteroids type achievment hunter game. the 50 or so cents you'll pay for it on sale is well worth the price imo for an hour or two of amusement.. Easy, simple and extremely addictive. It's a very basic game, with simple mechanics and a visual similar to the old arcade games. Going to keep it installed for a casual play and to keep progressing on the 500 achievements it have.. well. this is. very. ATARI 2600. with an Achievment every Minute while playing. I like the atari bit. but it gets boring very quickly. The developer makes all his games like this. Its great to kill 5 minutes of time, and by the the way collect 5 new achievements. (good for achievement hunters) But do not expect much of this. Fun, for a few minutes.. Easily the best 10 cents I have ever spent. I got the price down to 10 cents via a coupon earned from forming a badge from Steam cards. I earned that 10 cents by selling Steam trading cards, and I made I believe 6 cents off of cards from this game. So really this only cost me 4 cents. Ah, trading cards. Anyway. This is a highly enjoyable and simple game (with nice achievements for your profile) IF you can stand the non-rebindable controls. I tried this game with keyboard and it didn't go very well, so I quickly switched to controller, which works like a charm.. Awesome!!! Used to play a lot of arcade games back in late 1980's. This takes it further. Lots of fun getting the achievements and progressing up the levels also huge thumbs up for the upgrades. Everything is calculated and programmed very well, where its possibly for the player to progress - if they can be quick on reactions. Well developed take on an old arcade physics and idea.

    Thank you! : This weekend, I completed 3 years as a fulltime game developer, and this it's beigh and incredible self-knowledge journey. Besides a variety of dificulties, I managed, without any ouside funding, to release 8 games on Steam, and reach the mark of almost 350 thousand activations! Besides that, I fell like I'm just starting, new ideas appears and I get pumped to work everyday. Thank you very much to everyone who purchased and played my games, it would be impossible witouth all the daily support I receive.. Blackout Z on sale : Hello friends, my last released game Blackout Z is on sale right now! Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse edition is an addictive fast paced top down shooter game. Slaughter tons of zombies and try to avoid sharp saws while the battery of your flashlight is slowly draining. If you have the chance to play and enjoy it, please leave a brief review. Thanks.. Devlog #3 - Razortron sequel : Hello friends, in the last two weeks i've been working on the physics and particles system for the game, and since don't have to much experience with this two I struggled a little bit. But I think it worthed and I'm happy on what the game is becomming, with the physics the game has become very fun to play with the drift and stuff. This drift mechanics allows me to create more game modes and much more. Here's a youtube video if you'd like to see closely: Follow me for much more: Twitter Instagram []. Planes, Bullets and Vodka Anniversary : Today is the 2nd anniversary of the release of ' Planes, Bullets and Vodka '. this is the third game that I released on steam and one that i had the most fun developing, i like the setting and would love to return to it and make a sequel. I really hope you'll enjoyed playing it and if you haven't played yet, the game is on sale right now! As aways, thank you very much for all the support.. Bighead Runner now available! : Bighead Runner is now available on STEAM! Bighead Runner is a casual endless runner, avoid many dangers through randomly and procedurally generated levels. If you enjoyed my previous score chaser titles you'll might enjoy a lot of Bighead Runner. Dont loose the 40% off discount on the release week.. Devlog #5 - Razortron Sequel : Hello guys, just a little update this time, I've done all the player's cars sprites and I'm very proud of it, about 2 years ago, i coudnt imagine in doing pixel art or any sort of illustration, and now I'm very happy with the results. Ps. The Colors are not final, and some details can and probably will change on the final game. Thanks and I would love to hear what to you think about it. Cheers Paulo Brunassi Steam Creators Page Twitter Instagram []. Polygoneer Update + Very Positive Ratings : Hello friends, I'm happy with all the feedback on Polygoneer and glad it reached the status of very positive. To celebrate I'm updating it with a better balancing and adding 3 new languages! Added the languages German, Russian and Simplified chinese. Balanced the spawning and speed of the enemies in all stages. Thank you all for the great feedback, and if you have any comment on the update just drop a message on the community forum. If you like my games and what I'm doing, please follow my creators page on Steam, and keep reviewing my games, this is the most important for me to keep making games and improving as a developer.

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