Cyber Detectives: Who You Gonna Call?

As a cyber detective agency, we often tell people that individuals are the past person you ever wish to call.

You remember the old joke. "You realize you are having a negative day when Mike Wallace from 60 minutes shows up on your door step"...

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Unfortunately, exactly the same is true within our business but thankfully, most people do not require to hire a detective before internet turns very ugly on them. To best illustrate, let me just give you a handful of types of how badly the internet has gone for some and then the courses of action to simply help fix it.

In one single recent case, a US Corporation had been blackmailed for over $1 Million dollars by way of a group that had adverse information and was threatening to expose it worldwide, with the push of a button. To be honest, there are not many companies around who don't have some sort of information, including trade secrets, that could be devastating if openly exposed on the internet.

In another case, a customer was attacked by an antagonist setting up a defamatory site aimed at destroying a private cancer center and diverting business. The attacks were totally unfair and were substantially hampering getting further clients. For something as serious as cancer treatment, any potential client of the center's is going to research their reputation online and encounter this very negative (and untrue) information. Obviously, the center must somehow respond and defend their reputation.

To help date myself, this really is like a vintage rerun of the movie Ghostbusters: "Who you going to call when the web turns nasty?" An internet detective, that is who.

Frankly, for some clients, they're really distraught by enough time they stumble their way into an internet detective agency because they've not had the oppertunity to produce any headway anywhere else.

Exactly what a competent detective can do for you would be to first, really help you realize realistic options. These options may range all the way from identifying the attacker, to establishing a chain of evidence for litigation support, to creating a case that's then suited to local law enforcement to then take action.

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