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Original Title: CrossBones

Genge: Action,Horror,Thriller












































A group taping a reality TV show accidentally resurrects a cursed pirate who is after his treasure.
sorry guys, someone loaned me this on and I honestly have to say that it is pretty unwatchable. the story seemed like a relatively good (albeit somewhat tired) "reality" show horror movie crossover, then quickly eroded. I have posted spoiler alerts, but for those of you that missed it at the top.... SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! it takes 52 minutes (the film is 88 minutes total), yes 52 minutes for the first kill!!!!!!! WTF?????? I could have watched a third of POCII before anyone got "slaughtered" in this movie.... the pirate kills don't count at the beginning, because that is somewhat not pertinent to the modern day story. the effects.... what effects???? they were talking about this "undead" pirate being all chewed up, yet he looked the same from 150 years ago. and the red-headed "native" girl from the beginning? HA!!!! it's supposed to be 1841 and she has implants! BRILLIANT!!!!!! this movie had me laughing when the Spanish pirate talks with the stereotypical English "pirate" accent. this movie was nothing short of a train wreck, but hey..... they achieved what they were striving for and got it to LGF!!!!!!! YEARRRRGH!!!!!!! this treasure should have stayed buried!
What a piece of crap movie. No wait, I take that back, to call this movie a piece of crap is an insult to all previous movies that qualified for this crap distinction. Even as the opening credits rolled, I knew I was in a special event. The pirate ship does not look remotely like a ship from 1841. Scratch that. It does not look like a ship at all. It's a sailboat. I and another weird thing that struck me in the fourth minute was that the voice over narrates the action passages in the movie. Whose ever heard of skipping the action via narrative? So I paused this sucker and went online to find out what IMDb has to say. Sure enough, some kind soul gave this movie two whole stars!!!! But he crapped on it for 8 stars worth. He also sat through more than I'm gonna sit through. The most interesting thing I learned about this dumb movie is that the director died in a plane crash during the making. Well, even the god of movies wanted to do him in!!! I think I forgot to mention that Crossbones reached new highs in bad acting, which is consistent with the rest of it.


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