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Original Title: Crazy Six

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In a crumbling Europe, powerful mafia families have emerged from the anarchy to vie for control of the lucrative arms trade.
Billie is an American junkie who came to Eastern Europe to escape his problems and make some good money. They call him Crazy Six because he is the sixth child of his family and he is crazy for drugs. Raul is the Drug-Lord who deals plutonium on his spare time. Things get ugly when Crazy Six and an Arabic-French gangster steal the plutonium and a couple of bucks from the Drug-Lord. As Crazy Six tries to escape the dependence of drugs, Raul chases him and it's up to an American inspector helping the local police to straighten things up...
As a fan of independent films I expected a lot more out of this movie. The worst part of the movie was the music. For some reason they found it necessary between scenes to return to the same droll song over and over again. The action in this movie was nonexistent, as was the interaction between characters. Mario van Peebles was casted as a French bad guy. This was by far the worst French accent I have ever heard. Rob Lowe was a junkie and played that very well. The rest of the actors weren't noteworthy. All in all, this movie falls into Top 5 bad movies of all time. I've seen B movies (Caged Heat, USA Up All Night, etc.) that had a better plot and acting.
I'm actually too drained to write this review -- bad movies always do that to me -- but I feel obligated, as if it's my civic duty, to warn anyone who might be considering purchasing or viewing this god-awful mess-of-a-picture. Please, please, just take my word: this is one you'll want to stay away from. It's so boring and dull, so insipid and uninspired, such a poor excuse to assemble any familiar talent. Burt Reynolds? Wasted (despite his best efforts). Ice-T is barely in the film, and when he does appear on screen his performance is so restrained and muted that it becomes crystal clear that the director, perhaps intimidated by Ice's intense stare, didn't know what to do with him. Rob Lowe, as the title character, has never displayed so little on-screen charisma. Mario Van Peebles should be ashamed of himself; his performance is, in the saddest sense possible, a joke. Surely, Satan himself signed Mario's check for this film. The plot is as weak, half-baked and annoying as all the music involved (the utterly boring club song seems to continue on, literally, for the first third of the movie). The film's look will prompt one to seriously wonder if the Director of Photography was also forced, like one of the film's forgettable female characters, to smoke crack from a pipe duct-taped to his mouth. And if you're looking, at least, for stylized, shoot-'em-up-type violence you'll get none here. This film, I assure you, I promise you, has Absolutely no redeeming qualities! Please, I implore you, Avoid this Flick! Don't put it in and get suckered into believing that its pace will pick up, it'll get better, and evolve into a decent denouement. It won't. It don't. It can't! It sucks! Now, you have been warned, and I can now go to bed (It's 3am - please forgive any resulting errors this admonition might contain) -- knowing my conscience is clear, because I've done my civic duty for my fellow man!


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