covering the female hair

all this, however, is strange ethnografisch neutral together, more inventory for positioning, the exhibition a bit worried beschwichtigendes gives. muslim girls and young people, about the wigs human hair trip, visitors come here, can nilbar güres' subversive 'shells' point of view. in general, but with the majority of the exhibits of the forced conformism presents, in terms of veil entwarnt.

is documented, inter alia, the cheerful - anspielungsreiche advertising a christian hospital where, in addition to the porträtfoto a deaconess with cap and veil is read, the place you have here, 'always' hidden, all are welcome.

here you can see, children, that is the key message of the look read, covering the wigshumanhair female hair, lecherous eyes of men to escape, is as old as mankind and somehow, actually, in fact, in principle, normal and fine.

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