Convert Images to Documents without Sacrificing Quality

Did you know that there’s a nice possibility to easily convert images to the most popular document format, which is PDF, without sacrificing any quality? This is especially relevant for high-resolution graphic files in PNG format. With you can achieve truly impressive results with a flick of your finger. Follow the guidelines below to find out how you can enhance your workflow and switch between two popular file formats by using a free online converter.

Reduce the size and keep the resolution

PDF is a platform-independent file format and extension developed in 1993. PDF is a vector graphics based document that has features of both text and graphic file. This format was specially designed for the purpose of removing incompatibility issues and sharing information between users of various devices, regardless of installed software and operating systems. Each page of a PDF document has a fixed formatting and always keeps the initial document structure unchanged. Another important advantage of PDF format is that it supports scaling and resizing to different values without losing any quality. All these features combined make PDF an optimal solution for printing.

PNG, on the other hand, is a graphic file format that supports scalable vector graphics and uses lossless compression. PNG was developed as a replacement for JPEG and GIF formats and combines features of both. However, it is still less popular and is mostly used by graphic designers and computer graphic-related professionals. Besides, a high-resolution PNG image can weigh several Mb which makes it difficult to attach such file to an email or share it via a mobile platform such as smartphone.

Why choosing a web application is a good idea

There are many free converters on the web. The problem is that most of them require installation on your hard drive. And each time you install unfamiliar software on your PC, Mac or mobile device, there’s a high probability that you will encounter with annoying ads and banners downloaded to your device without authorization. Some of these apps require access to your data which affects the safety of your personal information. A downloadable app often takes up a lot of storage space which might confuse mobile device users. At the same time, it remains unused when using a web app.

Forget about unnecessary downloads, installations and signups! It takes just a few moments to upload your file(s) to AltoConvertPNGtoPDF. You can view, rearrange and delete images at any time. A simple and intuitive interface helps you to complete all the required steps. The app can be used by anybody, regardless of their experience. It provides you with the highest level of security. All your data is deleted from the server after the conversion is finished.

Forget about incompatibility issues with the most widespread document format

The procedure of saving a PNG image as a PDF document is quite simple. Choose the file you wish to upload from your hard drive and drag and drop it into the box. You can also import files from a cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). After you’re done, click the orange button below to start the conversion. Download the converted PDF instantly or choose what else you’d like to do with it. There’s a possibility to edit your file online in a free PDF editor, as well as sign, email or fax it. Click ‘Start over again’ to perform another conversion.

There’s a plethora of other useful features you can apply to your PDFs. Add annotations, use electronic signatures, erase or add text, rotate pages, relocate pictures and media objects and so on. Invite your colleagues to work on the same document jointly. Contact the support team if you need assistance.

AltoConvertPNGtoPDF is a powerful, secure and reliable service that keeps your documents in one place. It provides its customers with lots of up-to-date editing tools and is a fully functional digital workflow solution.

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