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In the year 1905, Albert Einstein published the theory of special relativity, suggesting that nothing could move faster than the speed of light. What if any mortal could break that constant? Stretch it beyond its limits? Would human beings finally be able to find a way to cheat death and win over immorality? Or is it Chaos that follows the manipulation of time and gravity?

Constant C is a 2D puzzle platformer with two core gameplay mechanics - Gravity Shifting and the Time Field. Using these two mechanics in the game, the player controls the momentum of various objects to complete each level.

Dive into the world of Constant C, where rules of fundamental physics no longer apply. In a space station far away from Earth, mysterious events have triggered the distortion of time. Journey through the game as a lone robot, who uncovers the truth behind the incident step by step, and finds the purpose of his own creation.


  • Gravitational Shift + Control Time Flow = Momentum Manipulation
  • Over 100+ mind-twisting levels
  • 2D skeletal animation with cute character designs
  • Created a unique futuristic, mysterious atmosphere with beautiful lightning
  • Kickass soundtracks


Gravitational Shift

Momentum Manipulation

Title: Constant C
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
International Games System, Co., LTD.
International Games System, Co., LTD.
Release Date: 7 Mar, 2014


  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Duo Core Processor or Up
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 10 Graphic Card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Korean,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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Very good feeling when playing this game.
The concept of manipulating gravity is well exploited and works very well in puzzles.
Beautiful design and good music.
A touching andentertaining little scenario.
A great puzzle game that I recommand to play.. Your typical puzzle platformer with floaty jumping. I'm not certain if someone who hasn't played any puzzle platformers would find this game good but after many brilliant titles Constant C falls short in my books. The time has stopped and moves only in a circle around you so that when you go close to a floating box the box falls down again. The gimmick made couple of nice puzzles but wasn't enough to make me want to play through the game. The artsyle is nice if you like cutesy scifi things but was nothing special. Can't recommend this to those that have played a lot of games from this genre.. A great puzzle/platformer that is well worth the retail price!
The art/animation is adorable, the soundtrack fits the game well and is very atmospheric/enjoyable. Tons of well-designed levels, some very simple while others are rather head-scratching if you are trying to get all the Storage Device items. Be prepared to witness tons of violent robot deaths... The gravity turning element can be somewhat dizzying and certainly takes some getting used to. Poor Rescue Robot must have died 100 times because I shifted gravity left when I should have gone right... The jumping/psychics of the gameplay also takes some getting used to... the robot seems to "moon jump" which is appropriate considering the game takes place in a space station, with lots of sliding when landing, and momentum to account for when timing the jump. It does not detract from the game, but adds to the challenge.
Definitely worth playing if you are a fan of 2D indie puzzle/platformers.. Only on the second set of levels, but this game is pretty relaxing ... I'm just sitting here playing it and watching an episode of The League ... overall smooth, great with controller and entertaining thus far.. its the worst game ive ever played i wanna kill it. This is a really fun puzzle platformer that's all about controlling gravity. The physics are nice and smooth, the art is neat, and the soundtrack is great.. Labmen No. 8.

11\/10 for S;G reference.. Its an Amaizing, Interactive and addictive game!. The descriptions and preview video for this game are misleading. Yes, you play a mighty space robot with superluminal powers of gravity manipulation and time-distortion, fit to solve platform puzzle mazes and collect trophies. However, under your matte-black stealthed paintwork, your body is biomechanical blancmange. Your ninja-coating is actually a sweet sugary crust coloured with squid ink. You will want to run away from many environmental elements. You will be afraid, and you will die. A lot. So much so, you will even get achievements for dying the most.

The levels are fairly well-designed puzzles involving physics which is quite "oily". Moving about feels like gliding on an oil-slicked surface; rarely will you be able to get objects to move the exact same way twice. You mainly interact with environments by moving near things to cause them to move, and by adjusting gravity in three directions. Causing objects (and you) to fall about. Haphazardly chaotic at first, then merely dangerously with more skill. This will cause you to die a lot, because touching almost anything which moves within your time-distortion field causes it to summarily destroy you with great violence. Sometimes falls no more than twice the length of your character's height cause you to explode. Anything falling on you causes you to explode. Touching anything which looks remotely harmful causes you to explode.

Thankfully there are no lives in this game, and restarting the level is a matter of waiting out the inevitable explosion animation (which is mercifully short). It is likely the restart button will be pressed early and often in anticipation of subsequent attempts. You will also lock yourself into various puzzles from which your only way out is suicide in order to restart. To give a basic impression of the game would be to say players spend most of their time quietly contemplating static puzzles, before dying over and over trying to solve them within the confines of the physics engine. Eventually, the frustration at things never quite falling the way you want them to will make you quit for awhile, unless you're being paid by the level, or suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

At the time of writing, the "kickass soundtrack" hasn't kicked in yet. Don't be fooled by the upbeat tune in the preview video, I've not heard anything like it after hours of play. So far the music has been very soothing, minimalist, or so atmospheric as to be barely present. The writing comprising the plot is an interesting dichotomy, because there are many child-like elements interspersed with mature ideas. In my view the exchanges and monologues don't last quite long enough to be satisfying, and unfortunately there is no voice acting. Perhaps because the dialog is not the game's strongest point.

There has been a little foreshadowing of the only other active character in the main storyline. It gives away very little as to why characters do whatever they are doing, and without playing more even I won't know what nefarious deeds have wrought the situation onboard the superluminal project space station... only time-travel will tell (see what I did there?). However, I'm not sure I have the patience to complete Constant C levels at a rate which would keep me interested in the story. My seven-year-old would become frustrated with this game in about ten minutes before going back to playing Minecraft-esque games where the feeling of achievement can be much stronger. This game is like a cross-pollination of: "Super Meat Boy", "Splosion Man", and "Braid", so if you're buying for children, perhaps try those before playing Constant C or frustration and engagement failure await you.

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