Residential flats/houses manage well with a simple refrigerator and freezer, may it be both separately or an amalgamation of both into one unit. Nonetheless, sometimes the family is too big to be supported by a single setup, or there is a small business being run by the household that requires more spacious units. In this case, it is not wrong to consider a commercial refrigerator freezer to suit your needs. There are a lot of benefits of this purchase, and there are some shortcomings too. Go through both before deciding what you need to do:

  1. The storage is no less than a mammoth! It totally pays off. There are other benefits such as the sleek designs or glass doors that show off the interior, but the capacity is the major win-win. The burden on the pocket is definitely more than a regular fridge purchase but the storage is two times more as well.
  2. On the other end of the spectrum, a commercial refrigerator freezer is very loud in operation. Since such a huge setup needs ample machinery like chilling engines and compressors to run, they also harbor a lot of noise. They are also not insulated as well as regular ones, thus contributing to release of sounds. In a hotel kitchen, there’s already enough drama to cover these sounds but a home kitchen might feel deafening!
  3. Another advantage is that these structures are sturdier. Since they are designed such to accommodate restaurant settings, they are also stronger than a regular electronic item. They are made with the mindset that if they stop working unexpectedly, the company will face extreme losses at the hands of the restaurant they sold it to. This benefit will also work for you!
  4. However, the commercial refrigerator freezer does not have any sort of warranty if it’s being used in a residential plot. This ultimately implies that once it goes out of order, or you screw something up, the company won’t pay any heed! Either you’ll have to fix it yourself (bad idea unless you’re good with electronics) or you’ll have to spend some bucks hiring specialists.
  5. These freezers consume a lot of energy, where ‘a lot’ might be an understatement. Naturally, something so huge requires quite a bit of power to run it so your bills might spike up.
  6. They are not so much so beautiful to look at, and there might not be many designs to choose from.

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