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About This Game

The wild west just got a lot more wild.

Fight off steam-powered machines literally bent on destroying you. Use your arsenal of modified western weapons to fight back, using abilities such as shields and slow motion to get the upper hand. Use Room-Scale VR to duck and dive behind cover (you may even find yourself rolling and army crawling around to avoid fire). The weapons at your disposal range from scoped revolver snipers to gatling rifles.

Current Progress

  • 6 varied weapons - Double Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun, Lever Action Rifle, Gatling Rifle, Scoped Revolver Sniper Rifle, Heavy Pistol, Rapid Fire Pistol
  • 2 Abilities - Wrist Shield (expands when activated, recharges after taking too much damage), Slow Motion (Dodge enemy fire and line up your shots)
  • 2 Enemies - Small Grunt, Large Golem
  • 1 Location - Town Main Street

Work in Progress

  • More Weapons - At least 3 more weapons, 1 pistol and two shotguns, as well as throwables like dynamite, knives, and tomahawks
  • More Locations - Moving train (fight off steam-powered bandits), Large cage dome (captured by the machine leader, survive as long as you can. May have VS multiplayer later as well)
  • More Enemies - New enemies for each location
  • More Abilities - Based on locations
  • Revision of Current Assets - Making the weapons and scenery look more steampunk



Title: Cogs and Cowboys
Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access
MostWanted Game Development
MostWanted Game Development
Release Date: 10 Aug, 2016


  • OS: Windows 8
  • Processor: Intel® i5-4590, AMD FX 8350 equivalent or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970/AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


I was crawling on the ground the first time I played so that's something. Wave based shooter (again) but it's fun for the price. Just hope the developer works on the graphics and reload mechanics.. I was real excited to finally see a shooter that actually had some cover, because there have been about 30 Vive shooters where you stand in the open with nothing to duck behind, and ducking behind things is fun.

Unfortunately, in its current state, Cogs and Cowboys is extremely clunky and not enjoyable in the slightest. You'll watch the trailer and think of exciting cowboy action, rapid-firing away with dual revolvers like classic cowboy fare, but in reality the the gameplay is bland and unenjoyable, with many major flaws. [Note: At the time I wrote this review a major issue was that there were all kinds of delays on your rate of fire, although supposedly some have been fixed since.]

*The weapon selection system uses a great idea, but the execution is very poor, so it takes intense concentration and several attemps to change weapons. The first robot has always started shooting at me by the time I've equipped a weapon in both hands
*There is an unacceptably long delay (maybe .2 or .25 seconds?) between when you pull the trigger and when the gun actually fires. As if the game needed more excuses to limit your ROF
*The game encourages you to dual-wield, but your guns are so unresponsive and your effective rate of fire is so severely limited that you'll never hit anything in this manner. Might as well put down one controller and only use one gun.
*The sound is bland to the extreme and poorly mixed. The audio would be more exciting if your friend was watching you play and making sound effects with his mouth
*There's a long rifle but no two-handed aiming afaict
*Forces you to type in your name every time you die<\/b>

Supposedly these issues have been fixed, but I already refunded the game and can't verify:
*Loading the revolvers and rifle seems to require you to swipe from top-to-bottom on the touchpad, which I guess is supposed to simulate pulling the hammer down, but it's way too finicky. Sometimes it doesn't work, othertimes it works with just a tap
*There's at least half a second of delay between when you pull the hammer back and when you can actually fire, painfully limiting your rate of fire and making it very difficult to tell if you've actually cocked the gun correctly. Great fun, and the dev is very active and open. I was ducking, crawling and rolling all the time, popping up to take shots in slow motion. The weapons are pretty cool, though they could use some refinement - they're sometimes not reliable. I was able to fan-fire the revolver, but it was really hit or miss - sometimes it worked flawlessly, other times it didn't work at all.
The first update was also just released, though I haven't tried it; It features a teaser for the upcoming story mode, among other things. I would definitely recommend this game for the low price.. Hi,

First of all, a good start for an early access game.
here are my suggestions\/notes for future updates based on the first try of the game:

- weopon sound doesnt fit the game. I would expect having something more powerfull\/smoother relying to the weapon-sound that shows "hey, ive got a gun! Currently it feels like a 8bit sound-compilation.
- for myself i feel like some weopons miss a reloadsound, eg sniper or the double barrel needs an additional sound when ammo is "getting back"
- personally i dont like to drive around the trackpad to reload a weopon (it always gets annoying when the game has reached a specific speed level)
- when the music\/sfx volume is being reduced (out of the game) and the game has been restarted, the first couple of seconds are on a wrong volume and gets lowered afterwards.
- the weapon-menu ... well, for now i cant say whether i like or hate it :). only noticed when i had my arm reached during the fight, choosing a weopon is not a good idea as the menue is being put a short distance off which means i need to reach my hand further or get it back and reopen the menu. maybe you can balance it a bit.
- weopon damage needs small balance-update
- weopon aiming seems a bit broken (especially noticed within the sniper)
- to have an option to set the weopon angle would be great
- global leaderboard missing - you already said its on the run :)
- power ups would be great like (laserpointer, health recovery, autoreload, semifire and something like that)
- bots could need a smoother moving
- a radar which shows spoted enemys would be helpful especially on higher waves
- getting close to an enemys shot that puts you under slow motion feels pretty nice (like it is SpacePirateTrainer) or even reduce the bullet-speed. its not that easy to to evade (or is it just me?)
- how about dynamite!!! (hey we are cowboys :) )
- honestly i thought to have enough space to play but this game takes a bit too much. Some kind of teleporting would be great. Reducing the game-space could be an option as well.. I know it's early access, but so are most VR games. Yet, this one is still less fun and less polished than many others.

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