Cloud Based Practice Management Software and Services

Several modern medical practices are seeking an effective software overhaul to meet the current challenges and stay healthy. While small practices may shun away from having to invest heavily in a new system, cloud-based Practice Management Software provides all the essential services while being soft on the budget.

Boost your practice productivity and revenue using the best cloud-based practice management software

Cloud technology is gaining momentum along with time. The innovative cloud-based Medical practice management software, while offering all the functionalities as provided by the server-based version, proves to be a cost-effective and flexible package for solo practices and small and medium-sized healthcare facilities. It’s no wonder that a major portion of the modern medical practices is moving their data and security to the cloud.

How does the easy-to-use, robust, and comprehensive practice management software help healthcare facilities?

The following are the most common ways in which cloud technology helps the healthcare industry:

  • Exchange of health information
  • Hosting clinical data and applications
  • Data backup and recovery

Practice management system is one of the healthcare-related applications that run successfully on the cloud apart from EHR and billing software. The modern cloud-based practice management software is HIPAA-compliant and provides secure and remote access to medical practices. Common features of this software are listed below: 

  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Expedited check-in process
  • Appointment alerts to patients by reminder texts
  • Online demographic data entry by patients
  • Patient eligibility verification
  • Scanning and archiving documents in paper form

Advantages & functionalities of the practice management software

Being a comprehensive web-based medical practice management solution which helps to streamline the administrative, financial, and clinical processes involved in the healthcare environment, cloud-based practice management software enables medical organizations to achieve growth, productivity, and collaboration.

The following functionalities are available in this innovative medical information technology:

  • Rules-oriented claims scrubber
  • Outstanding balance and co-pay collection
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Patient portal
  • Denial management
  • Online payment facility

Benefits of the Cloud-based practice management software

  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Access on the go – increased mobility
  • Access data on real-time
  • Minimum upfront charges
  • Pay-as-you-use
  • No need for hardware or other additional resources
  • Regular upgrades and training, apart from the support
  • Reduced claim rejections
  • Patient satisfaction is increased
  • Collection gets better

The innovative 75Health cloud-based practice management software and services provide comprehensive administrative and financial management solutions to medical practices. Great flexibility and cost-effectiveness are the added benefits of our software.

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