Climate change deniers ignore overwhelming data

In a recent letter, another climate change doubter scoffed at scientists warning of climate change Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online, asserting that scientists supporting the theory that man is causing global warming are being bought and paid for by some undefined climate change industry Discount Cigarettes Online. I want anyone who agrees with this dubious assertion to answer this simple question: Do you not believe there is tremendous money awaiting any scientist who can cast scientific doubt on global warming and man's role in it? Do you not imagine that King Coal and Big Oil would happily pay enormous sums of money to sow public doubt in the science of climate change? Do you not remember Big Tobacco secretly funding all that "scientific research" casting doubt on whether cigarettes cause cancer? If there was one iota of evidence against climate change and man's role in it Menthol Cigarettes Brands, then huge money from the oil, coal and natural gas industries would flood to expand and support such research Best Menthol Cigarettes. There is no such scientific counterpoint to the data showing that the Earth is warming and that the chemical changes to our atmosphere are caused by man's activities. The absence of any credible scientific opposition to climate change is the result of one and only one phenomenon: overwhelming scientific data conclusively proving the reality of the problem Cheap Cigarettes Online. Get your heads out of the sand, climate change deniers!
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