It has one of those spiky rubber wands which is very long and thin, which is great for getting to the inner and outer corners of your eye, as well as the lower lashes. There's been similar wands as this seen on other brands like Cover Girl, and even high end like Lancome and Dior. But often these brushes are much thicker, making it hard to get a nice application.

Want to enhance your eye beauty naturally? Chemical lash extensions or heavy mascara shouldn't be the answer. You can take a try of some natural remedies. Such as  Such as some home remedies using natural oil to nourish eyelash or buy bimatoprost online to test the result,it works effectively to in crease eyelash size in few weeks, just try this wonderful bimatoprost eyelash enhancer to get amazing result.

This mascara really does "lengthen" my lashes, but does virtually nothing in the thickening department. It's also virtually impossible to get clumps with this mascara, even after several coats. Overall I'm pretty pleased with this, and reach for it often when I want a natural but long lash effect.

I made a video about Careprost back in February, talking about my overall experience with it, pros and cons, etc. I'll re-post it here for good measure - if you have any questions, please watch it first.

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